As it might show, I absolutely love travelling and discovering new places. If you would ask me: never again shopping or no more travelling, I would without doubt walk around in the same clothes for the rest of my life.

In my bucket list that I recently shared, I also set the goal for myself to have visited 30 countries by the age of 30. My counter has reached 17 countries, so 13 to go!

At the moment I don’t have concrete travel plans for the upcoming months. I’ll only fly out to Spain both in June and July for family matters but that doesn’t stop me to add a spark of enjoyment to these visits 😉 However, I’d like to have a small get away this summer of a few days and perhaps a longer vacay in fall.

My destination wish list is endless and there are not many places I would say no to. To give you guys an impression of what I would like to see in the (near) future I made a shortlist of 10 places, 5 within Europe and 5 outside of Europe.

Destinations within Europe

After visiting Stockholm last February, I want to see more Scandinavian countries. Copenhagen is the next city I’d like to visit.

Stockholm 2017

That one East European city that’s been on the list for a long time. I love East Europe and have been lucky enough to see some countries already. Riga is definitely next.

East Europe is so cool! Krakow 2015

I don’t have cities that I specifically want to visit in Greece (tips, anyone?). However, it always looks absolutely beautiful on pictures.

Same as Greece, I have seen and heard a lot about it but don’t know where I should exactly go. Another plus is that it’s supposed to be budget friendly.

My impression of this city is that it’s like walking in a real life fairytale.

Destinations outside of Europe

New York
I have written about my wish to visit NYC before and this still hasn’t changed. One day, really.

Riding a camel, sleeping in the dessert, visiting a souk. I already start daydreaming by only summing this up.

I imagine Marrakech to be just as idyllic as Istanbul. Istanbul 2015.

Being one with nature’s beauty.

Cuba (Havana and Varadero)
I just love Spanish-speaking countries. When I picture Cuba I imagine it to be a colourful, happy place with kind people and beautiful beaches.

I wonder if any Spanish-speaking country can beat my love for Mexico (I guess not). Mexico 2016

Dominican Republic
Those white beaches ❤

You can see that I don’t have a preference for the type of destination. I honestly like to discover different places, learn about different habits and cultures and also try different types of food. Warm or cold weather, I’ll go there. Now I only need to win a lottery or find a generous sponsor and you’ll never see me again 😀

What is your dream destination? Also, is there a spot that isn’t on my list that you would recommend me?