At the beginning of the year I posted a blog about some disaster dates I’ve been on. It made me laugh so much while reliving those moments (not so much when they happened) that I thought of doing a part 2! I’m still living a very single Bridget Jones life but at the moment I’m happy about it and have peace with it. No matter how old you are, dates are awkward and everything but perfect (in my case) which have lead to movie like scenes. And who doesn’t like to read other people’s funny blunders? I hope my messed up dates make you laugh as well.

Unexpected bro hug
There was this amazing, one in a million guy who lived 1 hour away from me. We liked each other, at least I thought so. When it came to planning a date, he was super fuzzy about the distance. He said that he would be travelling all day just to spend so little time with me blabla (1 hour is a day? – on planet stupid maybe) but he really kept on stressing on the fact that he wanted to see me, multiple times. Ok, he seemed interested so I thought, what the hell, let’s travel in his direction and meet in a city close by his. I thought perhaps money was the issue or something else. So as I really wanted to see him, making an effort couldn’t harm. There were many ups and downs during the date and I couldn’t figure out where it was going. So many signs that the date was going in the right direction, we talked continuously and I felt the click. Only when he was walking me back to the station, the ambiance changed. He changed completely. He wasn’t the charming him, he was making cold distant comments and was being indifferent towards me. There was even a significant space between us while walking. What had happened in like one minute? Where everything was going perfect till this. When we arrived at the station a smile had returned on his face and it seemed he had warmed up again as we had a short but good chat before saying goodbye. I was tooooootally expecting a goodbye kiss and I am almost never wrong about vibes. He then came closer and closer and then……. he bro hugged me. You know the type of hug where you pat someone on the back, like dudes to amongst each other. The type of hug where there is a distance between each other. My vibes betrayed me. So picture the face of a girl that expects a kiss and gets a strong pat on the back.

Three is a crowd
I befriended two boys who where roommates but fancied one of them. It turned out he also liked me and we decided to start getting to know each other better and hang out. His roommate was out so we planned to watch a movie at his place. It was cosy and fun and all was going really well. This, until his roommate came back way too early! He went to the kitchen, grabbed beers and bites and decided to come join the movie. He simply didn’t get that, even I fit was technically also his place, and he was my friend as well, he was so unwanted at that moment. After a while, the good vibes were gone, the mood was killed and three was a crowd. ‘’OMG, is it really this late I don’t want to miss out on the last public transport’’. That one always works 😉 I left the boys with their movie and snacks.

Double date – Tipsy Val
A friend and I had met these two guys during a night out and had been out with them but to me, it was nothing resembling a date. One day my friend told me that one of the guys had written her a message saying how much fun they had hanging out and they hoped to meet up again. When she told me I told her that I saw them as friends and didn’t feel attracted to either of them, especially not the guy that was supposedly going to be my date.

I thought she had delivered the message and didn’t think about it anymore. One eve she told me ‘’ Steven* asks what were up to Saturday, are you up to something?’’ Me: this is not about that double date is it? She: no no he was just asking as we are talking, wanna have a girls night? Me: OK. She: Drinks? Me: Cool.
She asked me to meet her at 7, as she said it would be fun to pregame before heading to this other cool bar. Pregaming at a bar before heading to another bar? It wasn’t until we left the first bar and got on the tube that it suddenly hit me. Could this be a set up? We were both tipsy and therefore honest. I asked her: what time are we meeting the boys? She, completely of guard and honest: at 9. Me: you liar! Then she realized she had revealed her plan. At first I tried to escape the tube (I was tipsy and impulsive) and my friend tried to stop me, carried me, after which we both fell. We then agreed to go for max 1.5 hour and the escape code was: David Bowie. At one point my friend told the gents we bought tickets for the David Bowie expo the next day at 10 in the morning as the later ones were ‘’sold out’’. The fun part is that I actually had gone to the expo and saw how my friend talked about it. Hilarious.

*Steven is not his real name 😀

I think, if my friend ever reads this, she will totally figure out its her and when this happened. Haha, good times!

What is one awkward date that you will never forget?