Wow the past two months have been so stressful and hectic. I thought I barely took pictures of my weeks before I went to Paris and after I came back. While scrolling through my phone, I realized I still had a good selection of pictures to show how my month was in May.

I never guessed that spring would finally arrive in The Netherlands! From a woollen winter coat at the beginning of the month to bare legged as the month proceeded. Good weather is the best medicine for the soul. It was also the first month this year that I didn’t travel, which, surprisingly, felt really good. However, it has been long enough, I am already brainstorming about some sunny days elsewhere.

At the beginning of the month, I picked up my new glasses at Ace & Tate. You might have seen them already in my Spring Shoplog. Now you can actually see how they look on me. As you can see, it was cold and I was still wearing my coat. Not anymore 😉

I went to the market to buy some flowers and saw this pineapple party. I had to share this on my Instagram. I love pineapples!

And of course.. my flowers.

My mom and I spontaneously went to Germany for a day. So much fun! I spotted a store that sold so many unicorn goodies ❤

Latte time. Mine actually was with Baileys.

In The Netherlands we celebrated Mother’s Day on the 14th. I made this mandarin pie for my mom. Everyday is Mother’s Day though, moms are the best!

Breakfast with my friend E. It was so good that we already planned another breakfast date at this same place upcoming week.

What to do when it’s about 30 degrees? Chill at the park at the riverside with my friend B!

The river ❤

One can never chill without snacks.

Isn’t it a must to have a BBQ when the weather is good?

The excuse that I use too often lately: it’s so hot, lets cool off with some ice cream.

I wore my rainbow shoes for the first time. I love how they reflect in the sun.

My loved ones that take my pictures might want to shoot me sometimes but I can’t help it, I really love taking pictures.

This building in my city gives me NYC vibes. What do you think?

A sweater that speaks my mind. I should get one.

Something that was on my must do list, was to do a car safari. So you can imagine how excited I was when it was finally the day.

A moment of thinking.. probably about dinner.  
Hey Mr. Buffalo!

After the car route we also visited the park by foot. I love animals!!!!! My favourites of the day were the giraffes, zebras and the lions.

Yes, more ice cream.

Closing the month with a massive H&M box!

I hope you enjoyed the peek in my month! What do you like to do when the weather is nice?