While fall officially begun in September, I have been enjoying the best summer in fall kind of weather and still haven’t been wearing a coat so far. Yay!
Last month started great as at the very beginning I left for another vacay to Malaga, right after Vienna. It was the best end of summer as I came back fully relaxed with a nice tan. The good  vibes continued while I was back home at even had another blog milestone of 800 followers! Then, my good vibes turned into a little nightmare as my laptop broke and needed to be send in for reparation. Although this was such a bummer, things got fixed.

Enjoy reading my September diary!

A little me time with my favourite red wine before starting to pack for Malaga.

The month started just perfectly in Malaga. I am still planning on sharing a blogpost on my trip with many pictures and recommendations.

Fish and veggies. The first home cooked meal after getting back from my holiday. Always kind of disappointing after eating out all the time.

My new favourite mug with some of my favourite artists on it ❤

Goat cheese and fig salad for dinner

Visited a market in Belgium where we got some fresh veggies and fruits

We stumbled upon this nice courtyard by coincidence that happened to be a museum.

Such a beautiful garden. It could have been a place in Paris.

Why not make an OOTD picture in this pretty place?

We ended the day by drinking an ice cold beer by the riverside

Daily vitamin C. I made some fresh orange juice

Yummy lunch

I love all Smeg designs so much! I feel like a real house mommy but I dream of a Smeg fridge.


Hope you enjoyed this monthly diary. Let me know in the comments how your fall has been so far! Have you also been having these summer days?

Have a great week!


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