The purpose of this blog is to work on my passion for writing and social media. Writing and photography have always been a great interest of mine. From writing in diaries to my first introduction into content writing, writing keeps grabbing my attention.
The topics that I will mainly write about are travel, leisure, food and lifestyle. Those topics sum up pretty much all of my hobbies. However, my biggest passion and love is fashion and styling and my biggest dream and goal in life is to work hard to earn a spot in the Fashion Industry.

Revolutionary Roads was chosen as a name for this blog because that is how I like to describe life. I am someone who enjoys life and feed myself with the positivity and the beauty that it has to offer. The life trial can be a shaky, but shaky also means challenging. A person needs challenges and to overcome challenges. Life is full of challenges and it is impossible to block these. It is what moulds us to the person that we are. Instead of being afraid of these life challenges we should embrace them and see it as something good as they make our lives a fun ride.

All of the pictures are taken by me, unless mentioned. If you want to make use of any content in my blogs, please make a reference!

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