A little over a month ago, it was finally time for my almost two week vacation. It was the best end of summer holiday I could have ever wished for. I first spend some time in Vienna and almost right after Vienna, I left to Malaga. A perfect mix of a city trip and beach holiday.
You probably have already seen my OOTD’s from my Vienna trip and in this post I am sharing my travel diary with the things that I did and visited and also some personal recommendations.

Vienna and Austria in general, had been on my bucket list for a while. I can now say that it was  more than worth the visit and it definitely makes the top 5 of my favourite cities in Europe. The city is just so beautiful! It took my breath away in so many ways. There is just so much culture, the people are really friendly (and fashionable) and there’s just such a nice and easy atmosphere. I felt at home.

Aren’t you super curious now? Enjoy reading my travel diary!

DAY 1: Time to go! I left on a Sunday afternoon, which for me is the perfect time to travel. I used to prefer traveling really early to make the most of my trip but I always ended up being too tired on the day of arrival so I ended up doing little. I rather relax and go to bed on time to wake up early to discover the city with lots of energy. How about you?

The room was like a princess room! Loved the bed. And there was a little treat on the bed, which always scores points as I am a sucker for details.

I didn’t feel like dressing up to go to a nice restaurant so we went to Mc Donald’s for a small bite before having a relaxed evening in bed watching tv.

DAY 2: Good morning Vienna. It’s time to explore the city. On the planning was to see the Hofburg, the Opera house, St Stephan’s church and the Albertina museum building.

All buildings are just so detailed and beautiful

We found this cute passage on our way and it was such a nice bonus. Plus we spotted a French bistro that we kept in mind for dinner.

At the Hofburg

Look at that bright blue sky. It was a nice summer day which is ideal when taking pictures. It was already at the Hofburg that I found Vienna magical and fell in love. This feeling only became stronger the rest of the week.

Liar liar

At the Albertina museum

Time for some vitamins and lunch

St Stephan’s Church

Dinner time at the french bistro that we spotted earlier that day. I forgot to take a picture of my food but I had a quiche and red wine.

DAY 3: Breakfast time. Activity of the day: a visit to Schloss Schonbrunn.

I have mentioned before that my imagination starts running every time I visit a place with a history. I start imagining how things where and really get deep in thoughts. I love this feeling of day dreaming.

It’s not allowed to make pictures inside of the palace. So I have only pictures of the gardens.

Without realizing it we walked there for hours and when we left it was almost 4 o clock. I was constantly amazed and inspired.

Once we got back at the hotel, it was time for tea and cake, which was served every day for the guests. A perfect moment to relax at the end of the day. We were so exhausted that we just had dinner at the hotel and called it a day.

DAY 4:  One of the things you must try when visiting Vienna is Kaiserschmarre, which is sort of broken pancakes. It was part of the day’s special at breakfast so I tried it. It is really tasty! Planning of the day: Prater park and shopping.

Prater is an amusement park with lots of rides. It’s such a fun activity for everyone, whether you have kids or not, whether you go on rides or not. There’s so much to see to keep you triggered. The entrance to the park is free (rides are of course not for free).

I kept looking everywhere and really had a great time. GO there! I am sure you’ll like it. We had a hotdog before going shopping.

After all that shopping, more window shopping as I didn’t find anything, we got hungry. Time for dinner. When in Vienna, you must eat a Schnitzel. We went to Figlmuller which is one of the (if not the) most well known places in Vienna to eat schnitzels.

They had all kinds of schnitzel but we chose the Wiener Schnitzel. I am not sure if the picture shows how big this schnitzel is. It’s huge. It’s bigger than the plate.

DAY 5:  Our last day. We had a late flight in the evening so we had the whole day.

There was the option to have bubbles for breakfast. Loved this touch.

There were only two things on the planning as we wanted to keep it chill: Hotel Sacher and a very special thing to do.

Did you even go to Vienna if you didn’t eat a piece of Sacher cake at Hotel Sacher? The place looks so luxurious. It felt like a fairy tale moment for me. The waiters are also dressed up like in an old movie, hope the picture makes sense to what I mean. Loved this experience!

Visited some last souvenir shops. Look at all those clocks.

How cute? These are all postcards with recipes of typical Austrian dishes.

We saved the best for last. The first day, we already spotted the horses and carriages. I had never done something like that and it seemed like a thing you do once in a lifetime. We agreed that if we had time on the last day we would do this. So on the last day, after Hotel Sacher, we went for it! I still cant stop smiling when I think about it. It was so special!

we stayed at The Harmonie Hotel, which I totally recommend. Why?
1. Breakfast is included 2.There is a complimentary tea time every day where you can enjoy tea and cake 3.The staff is really helpful and friendly 4. Beautiful and comfortable room 5. Walking distance away from the main sights/public transport

Juice factory: juices, sandwiches, smoothie bowls etc.
Beaulieu: french bistro with really nice food. Just an arrogant and unfriendly waiter which was a big turn off.
Figlmuller: Schnitzel heaven
Hotel Sacher: you cant leave Vienna without trying the original Sacher cake

-We walked the majority of the trip and sometimes we took the Ubahn to places that were a bit further away from the centre such as Schloss schonbrunn and the Prater park.
-I didn’t buy the Vienna tourist pass. It’s quite pricey and I never do all the sights so it’s not really worth the money for me
-At Schloss schonbrunn, I recommend buying the regular ticket to see the palace from the inside as a big part (main) of the gardens included in this ticket, which is enough. I bought the extensive ticket and I didn’t to any of the extra’s
-Students, don’t forget to bring your student ID for discounts 😉

Le know in the comments if you have been to Vienna or some other city in Austria!

Keep an eye on the blog as I’ll also by uploading my Malaga travel diary and more very soon.


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