Revolutionary Roads

A tale of a gypsy soul



A Month in Pictures: July

Last month I wrote about how overwhelmed I had been and that I was in desperate need of a small get a way. Continue reading “A Month in Pictures: July”

Work on that self confidence!

Let’s get serious! Apart from fun and fashion related posts I want to occasionally share personal topics Continue reading “Work on that self confidence!”

A Month in Pictures: June

Summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation, right? Well, I have felt really overwhelmed the last months Continue reading “A Month in Pictures: June”

A Month in Pictures: May

Wow the past two months have been so stressful and hectic. I thought I barely took pictures of my weeks Continue reading “A Month in Pictures: May”

Disaster Date Stories #2

At the beginning of the year I posted a blog about some disaster dates I’ve been on. It made me laugh Continue reading “Disaster Date Stories #2”

A Month in Pictures: March

Last month I posted a Monthly Diary that would give a peek in my life through pictures. Continue reading “A Month in Pictures: March”

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