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Tenue du Jour – Fluffy in Winter Wonderland

Time to take my furry friend for a walk. My faux fur coat to be precise. Those that read Continue reading “Tenue du Jour – Fluffy in Winter Wonderland”


Tenue du Jour – Amsterdam

How I love Amsterdam! It must be my favourite city in The Netherlands next to Continue reading “Tenue du Jour – Amsterdam”

My minimalistic make up collection

Beauty related posts are one of my favourite ones to read. Continue reading “My minimalistic make up collection”

Tenue du Jour – Back to Leopard

Outfits that involve a leopard print must be my favorite ones to style. I just cant help it, it makes me so happy. Continue reading “Tenue du Jour – Back to Leopard”

Autumn Shoplog

Autumn is my favourite season for shopping. However, I don’t really believe that clothing pieces Continue reading “Autumn Shoplog”

Tenue du Jour – Petrol Leather

Happy Halloween! Finally a new Tenue du Jour! It’s been a while since I shared an outfit post. Continue reading “Tenue du Jour – Petrol Leather”

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