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Faire du shopping à Paris

Bonjour à tous! As mentioned in my post about my trip to Paris, I would share the items that I bought there. Continue reading “Faire du shopping à Paris”

Spring calls for a shopping spree!

Officially we have welcomed spring already a while ago, hurray! Bye dark colours and heavy and warm clothing! Continue reading “Spring calls for a shopping spree!”

A Vintage Affair

My wardrobe is a mixture of budget friendly items, high-end items, trend items but also some good old pieces. Continue reading “A Vintage Affair”

LOVE IT! April Faves

It has been already a while since spring made its appearance and although I can’t really tell Continue reading “LOVE IT! April Faves”

WANTED: an ear party

You probably have seen the hype already everywhere: ear parties. Pictures of multiple earrings Continue reading “WANTED: an ear party”

Musthaves from my own closet

Lately I’m trying to keep a clean closet and I’m getting rid of items that simply don’t match my personal style. Over the years I’ve experimented Continue reading “Musthaves from my own closet”

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