It was that time of the week again: Friday. Last Friday, I met up with a good friend of mine and had some nice food.. and some wines. As the wines kept coming, we talked about what kinds of things are on our bucket list and what we want to do on a short term. This conversation triggered my creativity to write about my bucket list items. I am a real curious person and always excited to try things. Whether it’s about food, travelling or learning, count me in! I decided to make my bucket list more concrete instead of the vague things that are floating in my mind. When it’s on paper, I tend to take it more serious. I came up with so many ideas! I guess that’s the downside of having a big creative mind. I managed to limit this post to 20 items. Here are some things that I would really love to experience.

1. Volunteer at a homeless shelter during the holiday season
Christmas is supposed to be a happy time. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for everyone. This season is about giving. There are things more valuable than giving gifts. Therefore, I like to try giving the holiday feeling to people that don’t have the basic needs.

2. Camping in nature/woods
Been trying to get someone to tag along for at least 3 years.

3. Watch black & white movies

4. Buy a dog
This would make my biggest childhood dream come true

5.To have visited 30 countries by the age of 30

6. Learn how to sew
By now I know how to attach a button but I want to have the basic knowledge of a sewing machine as well.

7. Photography lessons
If you ask me what my hobby is, I’ll answer: taking pictures. Until now, only as an amateur. That’s why I want to step up my game.

8. Ride a camel & sleep in the desert
Seems like I have this thing for sleeping in the outdoors.

9.Walk one of the Santiago de Compostela routes

10. Rent my old flat in Paris
Ever since I left Paris, I have had the thought of returning to my old flat one day. My first home away from home.

11. See panda’s in real life

12. Make a helicopter flight
Preferably in NYC.

13. Bake macarons

14. Become fluent in French
My French is comme si comme ça, not bad, but I’d like it to be as good as my Dutch, English and Spanish.

15. Try caviar
I have tried oysters, insects, and escargots so Caviar is next on the list.

Grasshopper, anyone?

16. See a sunrise and sunset

17. Do a Jeep/buggy safari

18. Eat at shake shack
As a junk food and burger lover, this is a must.

19. See the northern lights

20. Visit a football match

My Barça mascot is ready for it

Look at that list! I can’t wait to tick off some of these in the following years, as, of course they are not to be all achieved within the short term.

Do you have a bucket list? What do you think of my ideas?