If you’re reading the title of this post, you might think that this is just another weight loss or bikini body blogpost. Nope, it’s not. In this post I want to share with you what working out means to me and the reasons for me to work out.

I have always worked out on and off. Never on a frequent base or on fixed days a week. In the past I worked out for the obvious reasons such as weight loss or a slimmer body. However, this time it has nothing to do with resolutions or the obvious reasons. I am not aiming for a smaller clothing size or weight loss. I have a healthy weight and am happy with it.

As mentioned, In the past I wanted a more slim figure and wasn’t happy with my curves. However, years later, in my mid twenties, I have accepted my body shape and it’s one of the best attitude changes I have made. Some of my insecurities are gone since then. I accepted that every body is different and I happen to have Latina genes, which means that my curves are part of me. I stopped comparing my body to bodies around me. This body is mine.

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In regard to food, I think it’s all about moderation and portions. I’ll never be a fitgirl eating oatmeals every morning and eating clean every single day. You can probably figure that out if you read my monthly diaries :p Apart from that, I don’t think anyone would be interested in seeing my broccoli soup that I made for dinner ha-ha. What I tend to do about my nutrition is nothing complicated. I just make sure to: 1. Drink enough water (minimum of alcohol and soda) [You can read my water challenge post HERE] 2. Eat my fruits and vegetables 3. Skip meat sometimes. Apart from this, I eat what I like. I am only human and I only live once so I love to eat junk too. But like I said it’s about moderation.

What is your favourite fruit? 

So now over to the reasons why I do work out!

1. Energy
When I work out in the morning, it gives me so much energy for the whole day. It’s like I start my day with very good vibes and feel like I can handle a lot more. I also think your productivity can increase because of the energy. It also takes away my bad morning mood which I sometimes have.

A workout can be done anywhere!

2. Kill energy
This sounds contradicting to my previous reason, right? However, this time I mean working out in the evening. When I work out in the evening it helps me kill the lasts bits of energy in my body. I have made comments about my bad sleeping before and the fact that I have to deal with insomnia quite often which is killing. Working out in the evening helps me to relax my body and brain and this helps me to be more calm when I try to sleep. I really notice the difference in my sleep on days that I work out and days that I don’t.

3. Self confidence
Whenever I work out and after I work out, I feel so confident. I can’t even explain why it just happens. It’s like a rush and a positive feeling that makes me feel strong. Who else has this? This makes me feel so good and sure about myself. It also helps me mentally, to let go of so many insecurities.

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4. Mood boost/ For fun / Healthy
My last reason is a combinations of a few separate factors. First of all it helps to get me in a better mood whenever I feel down or angry. I get rid of those bad feelings and it keeps my mind from things that worry me. Also, exercise is not pure torture. I have learned to appreciate it and I actually think it can be fun. Lastly, the most important one is that it is healthy for your body.

I am not trying to tell people that certain things are bad or good. Whatever works for you. We are all different and I just wanted to share my take on working out and being healthy and perhaps share another perspective on this topic. Working out is way more than just getting in shape. I am also a supporter of body positivity and perhaps the message that I also try to share with this post is that accepting your body is so important! As you could read, this has been one of my best attitude changes of all time. Comparing yourself and talking yourself down because you count your flaws instead of the good aspects doesn’t make anyone happy! Especially in these times of social media influence, we can get deceived by what we see on these platforms and get influenced in a negative way. Sometimes we believe that this is ‘’normal’’ and that we should look a certain way. It’s all about being healthy and happy 😀

Let me know in the comments whether you work out too on a frequent base. If so, what is your main reason for doing it?

xxx Valerie

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