Last month I wrote that January had flown by. This month I’ll start my diary by saying the exact same. What is happening? Where is February? Spring is starting this month already, can you believe it? I can’t and thats partly because when looking outside I see snow and its -3 degrees. I also had an amazing February and you know what they say: time flies when you’re having fun.

Why was my month so amazing? 1. It was my birthday month. 2. I travelled to Paris to celebrate my birthday there. 3. I bought my dream bag (yes a materialistic reason, I know). 4. I shared my 100th blogpost. 5. I finally got a domain. 6. On the last day of February my blog hit 600 followers.

This month brought me so many good vibes and happiness. I  feel that I started my 25th year in the best way possible and that this positive kick off will bring me good.

It’s also exactly a year ago that I shared my first monthly diary. If you want to go and have a laugh about this old post CLICK HERE.

Hope you enjoy scrolling through my diary!

Let’s start the month in a decent way, with a snack of course

Sometimes I have these moments where I crave something I never eat or haven’t eaten in years. This one day I was craving honey pops so badly. I never eat cereals for breakfast, never! Not even yoghurt and granola so this was unusual. I think the last time I ate cereals was when I was a kid. This crave lasted a few days before I really bought it. It was good but I think my crave is cured for the next 10 years

On February 4 I shared my 100th blogpost

The day before I left to Paris, I had a pre birthday moment as I was going to spend my actual birthday in Paris. I bought this yummy chocolate cake for the occasion.

Bonjour Paris, tu m’as manqué ❤

Back home I decided to stick to my Parisian routine and had a croissant and coffee for breakfast

I got this cute chocolate from my mom for Valentine’s Day ❤

The first after Paris outfit pictures I tried to make. Shitty light back in my hometown but like the outfit.

Nothing better than to end your day in bed with a piece of Pierre Hermé lemon cake

Smoothie time. I can’t remember what I put in it

How special are these lamps? Sorry to those that are afraid of mice!

I bought some cheese in Paris and had a cheese eve at home

Love this picture I made under a bridge

The bird man

Reese’s ❤

Tried making outfit shots but it was so windy and cold. Caught a flu that exact day and still suffering. Boo

I got a domain! If you haven’t read my post about my new blog name CLICK HERE

Look at that pug ❤ WANT IT

How cute are these?

Trying to beat the flu

Hey sexy

Ending the month with a frozen mango smoothie. Ingredients: frozen mango / lemon / banana

Hope you also had a good month! Thanks again for all the support concerning my new blog name.


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