Bonjour à tous! As mentioned in my post about my trip to Paris, I would share the items that I bought there. I didn’t go overboard while shopping as I am currently saving to add a bigger investment to my closet (can you guess what?). How I love shopping when I’m travelling!

I like to call these my rainbow shoes. They definitely make a statement and make heads turn. People have also complimented me when I wore these shoes, yay! Lace up shoes from André.

One of my favourite brands is Sandro. It totally matches my personal style and I’m not kidding when I say could wear all the items they sell. Everything is classy and timeless and therefore worth
investing in.

Although I’m halfway through my twenties, I still have acne from time to time. Lately it has just gotten out of hand. I had read a lot about the Biafine, which is originally a cream for skin burn. It allegedly also works for acne and many make up artists apply this as it is supposed to give a healthy glow. I can totally confirm this! Love this cream already after using it a few times.

My only ‘’souvenir’’ is this mug with a French bull. My favourite dogs are definitely pugs and French bulldogs so this is such a Valerie mug. I got this at Nothing as Paris, a small shop in Montmartre. This shop sells unique home decorations and it’s all designed by a Parisian artist. Definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a not so standard souvenir such as the Eiffel tower key chain.

I always have to get a Kat von D eyeliner whenever I’m near a Sephora. This is the best eyeliner I have tried in years, especially for winged eyeliner. At MAC I bought the famous Soar lip liner (best known as the Kylie Jenner colour). Perfect for those days when you want to wear something better than your original lip colour but not too colourful.

What’s your favourite city for shopping?

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