I left my heart in Paris. Not just this time but nearly 5 years ago. I sometimes even feel that I am Spanish on paper but Parisian at heart. Yes Parisian, not French as I think there’s a difference. It’s like people in New York call themselves New Yorkers for example. Anyhow, some of you that follow me for a while might know that I lived in Paris. My first home away from home. Therefore I feel the need to be in Paris from time to time. I could even go there every month and not have a dull moment.

Anyways, I was in Paris the last week of April and would like to share this small break in my beloved city.

Ready to go!

The hotel were I stayed was located just a minute away from the famous Rue Mouffetard. In this street you can find so many nice places to eat and drink. You really feel the essence of the Parisian Lifestyle in this area.

One of my must visits, whenever I’m in the city, is Café Kitsuné. My favourite is the one in the gardens of Palais Royal. Lucky me, it was sunny so I took the coffee to go and sat in the park.

Les Colonnes de Buren

Lovebirds at Notre Dame

Dinnertime at La Relève. When I’m on a trip, I don’t check Tripadvisor often for places to eat. I rather find something spontaneous during my strolls. When walking in Rue Mouffetard I found this restaurant. It is now one of my new Paris faves. Oh and there was a nice garçon working there, also not unimportant.

Lucky me! The Balenciaga, L’Oeuvre au Noir, exhibition is currently in Paris. As an admirer of the fashion house, I had to pay it a visit

Lunch at Prêt a Manger

Some sexy balconies..

The Tuileries are always so enchanting

Good morning Paris. Can’t think of a a better place to wake up.

Pretty Montmartre, even if its super touristic.

When In Paris… eat a crêpe.

So in love with this wall! I want something like this in my house, no joke. I spotted so many nice street art pieces in Montmartre.

Hi Eiffel!

We brought some Champagne to the Eiffel Tower to toast to a lovely trip.

Home is where the croissants are.

La Favorite is my favorite. Love love love this restaurant. I know I keep writing that I love things. But it’s true. I love so many things about this city.

Galeries Lafayette

Window shopping chez Chanel

For an Instagrammable coffee shot, go to Le Voltiguer. The waiter was also so adorable.

And then it was time to go home. I always start to get sad the evening before I leave Paris. My mood changes and I really get nostalgic. Writing blogs about Paris put me always in a daydream mode.

I did a little bit of shopping in Paris and will upload a shoplog in the coming days. So, keep an eye on the blog 🙂

For those who have visited Paris: What is your favourite Paris hotspot? For those who haven’t visited Paris: How do you picture Paris to be?