As I am writing this post, I am in the middle of packing my suitcase. Some enjoy packing and start on time, some hate it and throw everything in their suitcase in a messy way, often last minute. I hear my friends say it all the time: ‘’ I don’t know what to pack ‘’ ‘’I hate packing’’. I am not an expert in travelling or packing but I have been to quite some place and I tend to travel by plane multiple times a year. I can’t really say that I love it but I am quite a good packer. I do it very systematically and barely bring unnecessary things or clothing that I don’t wear. As a lot of people are going on a holiday at the moment, I thought I could share some tips that make my packing party a lot easier and nicer and some musts for flights.

-Vacuum bags
Although I don’t pack unnecessary items, I am not a light packer. These vacuum bags are therefore a must when packing. As they take out all the air from the clothes, it saves up lots of space. Plus, it serves as extra protection should some fluids packages break because of pressure.

-When I go on a long flight my musts to bring on the plane are a sleeping mask, my own earplugs and flip flops
A sleeping mask because it might be still light outside when you want to take a nap or your neighbour might be reading with a light on. When I travel, I almost always wear sneakers but if I go on a long flight I always carry flip flops in my hand luggage for on the plane. I think it’s so uncomfortable to keep your shoes on for such a long time. I bring my own earplugs to use when I watch movies as I find the ones that you get from the airline really bad and they never fit properly.

Sleep mask from H&M

-Always check the hotel/hostel facilities
Think about: hairdryer, flatiron and towels. Even hostels these days offer many of these and you can save up lots of space and weight. If it’s not mentioned on the website, you can always email the accommodation. In the past I didn’t and carried stuff for nothing.

-Empty water bottle
Water is always important but even more when you travel as your skin gets dehydrated when travelling and therefore it’s very important to drink enough water. As you are not allowed to bring any liquids pass security check, I always carry an empty bottle, which I fill on the toilet (when it’s safe to drink tap water of course)

Bottle from Bobble

-No make up on my face
I tend to travel without any make up on and apply an extra hydrating crème on my face. The air conditioning and change of temperature on the place of destination are bad for your skin. Give your skin therefore a break for a day.

-Share the weight with your fellow traveller
If you’re travelling with someone, it’s a matter of good communication. Make a list of items that you both use and divide who brings what. Why would you both pack the same items and carry extra? Totally unnecessary.

-Invest in good luggage
A good suitcase is very important to me and the criteria that I look at are: weight of the suitcase (as light as possible), 4 wheels as there’s nothing more annoying than having to pull forward a heavy suitcase and a good lock.

Suitcase from Samsonite

-Check how to get to the city centre/your accommodation
As a cab can be quite pricey from the airport to the city centre, I usually take public transportation or an Uber. I usually also check 2 routes, should one not work out. This might seem exaggerated but one time I trusted that my Uber would come, and it never showed up and no car was close to the airport.

-Save your samples
Whenever I buy cosmetics I always put aside the samples that I get. So whenever I go for a trip of maximum a week, I always have products to take with me as I don’t like taking full size cosmetics and perfume when its such a short trip.

I hope some of these tips come in hand for your next trip! Also, do you have a packing tip or travel must that you’d like to share? Bon voyage!