I’m always a fan of unexpected and spontaneous actions and always encourage adding some of this to your daily life. Never a dull day, right? Especially when it’s about travelling I love to be spontaneous. So when I heard that I needed to be in Spain for family matters on a short notice (nothing bad) I saw this as a win-win. Hopping on a plane is never a burden, so next to my formal appointments, I scheduled in some extra days to enjoy España. My appointments were scheduled in Cáceres and as I was flying to Madrid, I decided to spend a weekend there before heading to Cáceres. I never really spend time in Madrid, even though I always used to travel to it to continue my way to Caceres.

Because I am a real Barcelona lover, it felt like I was cheating on it with Madrid (ha-ha) but as a half-Spanish girl, it’s a must to have seen the capital.

Curious about my unexpected Spain trip?

It all started with a 7 a.m. flight. My kinds of morning are those that I travel on.

Almost there. See the snow on the mountains?

Travelling makes you hungry.. and thirsty. Perfect kick off.

At 100 Montaditos. Montaditos are mini breads with all kinds of toppings, so yummy! Perfect for someone like me that can never choose.

After lunch.. an ice cream. I’m usually already always eating, but when I’m travelling I’m even more fanatic.

Carrousel + ice cream = a happy kiddo.

The Royal Palace

Mercado de San Miguel

Plaza Mayor

Snack stop at La Rollerie! I loved this place. Everything was clearly inspired by a French cafe. My French heart and me melted.

Parque del Buen Retiro

Visiting this park was my highlight of the city. It’s gorgeous and so big. There’s a lake where you can rent a boat and row for a while. How romantic is that? The waiting line wasn’t so romantic though.

Creepy baby head.

The old Town of Cáceres looks like a set of a medieval movie, absolutely beautiful!

A visit to the church in the old town. Definitely a must as you can climb the tower and get amazing views and shoot incredible pictures.

One of my favourite things to eat, as a breakfast when I’m a Spain is toast with Jamon and tomato spread, love it!

Not to mention my love for Churros con Chocolate.

A tiny bit of Spain shopping. The bag is from Parfois.

We don’t have this Oreo flavour back home so I had to take it with me.

I am really glad that I went to Madrid and Cáceres. Loved it! Already missing it. But it won’t be long till I’ll go back. Latest in summer for part 2 of my family arrangements. I’ll definitely plan some chill time again. So, if there are readers from either Madrid or Cáceres, or if you’ve been to either city as a tourist, please drop your recommendations in the comments, they are highly appreciated 🙂

Which are your favourite cities in Spain?