Buenos dias! Welcome to another summery monthly diary. Summer should be the best time

of the year right? Well, not for me. While I thought things couldn’t get any worse and thought July would be less stressful, it turned out to be the month from hell. Those that frequently read my posts know that I have been dealing with some things in my private life. While everybody seems to be on the beach and on holiday in general, I was stuck at home arranging lots of things, making hundreds of phone calls and having nervous breakdowns on repeat. I didn’t know when exactly things would get better so I couldn’t book a holiday. Looking at all those holiday snaps from everyone made me feel even worse as that could be me too shouldn’t I have to do all that.

After all the screaming and crying, the process got a step in the right direction towards the end of the month and we’re nearly there. Hurray! Finally, I could also start enjoying summer. So, what was the first thing that I did? After a longlong sleep and retail therapy, I booked a small trip to celebrate. As we’re in the middle of the high season, all beach destinations are either fully booked or crazy expensive so I booked a city trip. Curious where I am going? Keep on reading!

While I was in my own bubble the whole month, I didn’t make that much snapshots on a daily base but there are still some that I’d like to share. Have a look!

Pretty flowers

Lunch time!

Jeans & Vintage OOTD

One of my favourite things to do this summer is to go for a pick nick at the park.

So peaceful

One of my guilty pleasures is Mc Donald’s. This time we went for breakfast.

Wine for one. This was during the semi finals of the world cup. It already seems so long ago.

Frida ❤

I often give money to street musicians. This guy played ‘’Somewhere over the rainbow’’ and it got me super emotional. The power of music.

Cheers to the weekend

Polkadot love

A pink Kitkat? I had to try it. It was so so, I wouldn’t buy it again.

My favourite cold coffee at Starbucks is an iced cappuccino

Retail therapy

I needed comfort food

Family duck

Such a beautiful sunset. Did you manage to see the Blood Moon by the way?

One of my all time favourite movies: Scarface. I have a thing for young Al Pacino ❤

Me at the moment


Look at this Kinder Ice cream! You can bet that I took some home with me.

I shared this picture on Instagram to ask for travel recommendations after the drama had calmed down. While I received many great ideas, I booked a trip to a place that nobody mentioned but that was on my bucket list. I am going to……………… VIENNA! Yay super excited!
As mentioned earlier in this post, beach destinations are either fully booked or super expensive as it’s the middle of the high season Thats why I booked a city trip. Still looking for an escape to the beach in the first week of September as for me there’s no such thing as summer without seeing the beach. If you have ideas for a beach/relax destinations, please share in the comments ❤ Has anyone visited Vienna or do I have readers from Vienna? Recommendations are welcome.

With this fun news, I am ending the July diary. As a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders I feel more happy and slowly distressing and excited to work on the blog.

How has your summer been so far? Have you already been on a holiday? Let me know in the comments what your holiday destination was or will be.


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