Happy start of the new week guys! I’m finally sharing a travel post with you after quite a while. At the end of August I spend some days in Copenhagen. I think I found a new European hotspot! I love that city! Copenhagen had been on my wishlist for years but I never found the opportunity to go untill now and I am so happy that I went. As some of you might now, I visited Stockholm in February and I already loved that relaxed Scandinavian vibe back then, but now even more.

Copenhagen is so beautiful and clean and the people are so friendly. I also always feel super at ease and save. Not to even mention how handsome the men are ❤ Single girls paradise. I definitely would like to visit more Scandinavian countries. The only downside for me that I can find is that its quite expensive so not really suitable for a budget trip.

The initial plan was to also spend a day in Malmo but on the last day, when we wanted to go, it was so rainy! Therefore we decided to simply stay in Copenhagen , which is also not bad as theres plenty to see and do.
Definitely would love to visit Copenhagen again some time and would for sure recommend visiting it!

As we would fly really early, we spend the night before departure at a hotel directly at the airport. Look at that pretty sky!

Denmark from the plane

Cityhall square 
Cloudy at Tivoli. I didn’t go there in the end even though I heared it’s a must see. Oh well, now there has to be a next visit for sure.

So many people! I would never ever take such guided city tours, that’s simply not for me.

Nyhavn. Probably the most photographed place in Copenhagen.
Spot the pink house!

Those orange things.. those are life jackets. This is at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Unfortunately it was closed because of rennovation. Too bad, I really wanted to visit this gallery.
Coffee with a message

Loved this lunch at The Union Kitchen

I heart Copenhagen too

Amalienborg (The Royal Palace)

The Opera House

The famous Little Mermaid

Italian night at Mother. You can’t leave Copenhagen without eating there. The staff is super friendly and the food is great!

Botanical garden. The sky was really that blue. No edit whatsoever.

I bought this sweater right before Copenhagen. What are your thoughts?

Joe & the Juice, the place for amazing juices and incredibly handsome men ❤

And the award for cutest Copenhagen couple goes to these two ❤

Another day, another juice.

Spotted this cool notebook at The Flying Tiger. This store sells really unique musthaves, love it!

Have you been to Copenhagen yet? Where did you go this summer?

Keep an eye on the blog to see an upcoming mini Copenhagen Shoplog.