Last month I wrote about how overwhelmed I had been and that I was in desperate need of a small get a way. Well, I have good news: I booked a city trip! A destination that had been on my wishlist for such a long time and now I am finally going to visit it! I am going to…… Copenhagen! Yay! And while I am there I’ll also spend some time in Malmö (Sweden), which is so close to it. I am super excited as I already leave in about 10 days.

Super last minute and super spontaneous. But that’s how I like my trips to be sometimes. I so needed this escape! Even if it’s just a city trip and I’ll not be gone for too long, I feel it will do me well. Hopefully a longer holiday will come on my path in the near future.

Who has been to Copenhagen? If you have visited before, please, leave some recommendations in the comments! I would really appreciate it 🙂

In between the hectic I managed to make some pictures in July! Hope you like to see what’s up from month to month in my life.

How I love Minions ❤

It’s always cake o’clock

I spotted this Unicorn Glitter shot in Germany

Spotted some talented dancers in the city centre

July was the month that the follower counter hit 200! Thanks everyone! I am slowly nearing 300 followers, I am really happy 🙂

I was in Spain for less than 3 days. Breakfast for champs!

This striped tunic + orange bag must be my two favorite summer items


So, this happened at a formal appointment. Only happens to me

Gran Via (Madrid) by day


Tapas time

Beautiful sunset at Gran Via

This must be one of the best ice creams I have ever had! Snickers ice cream ❤

Coffee date with my friend L.

L. and I share the same love for taking pictures and she’s probably the only one of my friends that gets that you sometimes need a 100 tries to get the perfect shot 😛

I love the cute side streets in my hometown

The ‘’I am casually rolling up my sleeves’’ pose 

Fries before anything