Every season new trends arrive and I always have the feeling of wanting to add something to my wardrobe to be totally really for that season. It’s always the same with me.  I have been shopping a bit recently and found some nice things that I’d like to share with you. Some of these items, I got in September when I was in Malaga. I remember it being 30 degrees there and me trying on sweaters and long trousers.
Last week I also did some shopping at home and was pretty successful. It’s not a massive haul but instead a few key and trend items to add to my wardrobe to combine with my items.

I would like to show you the items that I got.

My obsession with skincare is till going strong. I got these french goodies at pharmacies in Malaga. You all know by now how much I love french skincare so I had to try some new products.

There’s a cleansing milk and scrub from Avène, sunscreen from Clarins, the Beauty Elixir from Caudalie and a hand creme from Nuxe. I have tried all of them already and I love them! Such great quality and amazing results. Have you tried any of these?

You might have spotted this kind of print in stores. I like to call it the vintage silk scarf print.
Top from Mango

It was love at first sight when I saw this blouse. The fabric is so elegant and I like the fact that it’s a little low cut. The low cut and the length make it a bit blazer shaped.
Blouse from Massimo Dutti

The accessories at Mango are really on point at the moment. I think that they have done a great job at selling the current accessories trends at an affordable price. Got these two bags which are statement pieces. I wore both bags already and they just give any outfit a great touch.
Bags from Mango

This item seems like a skirt at first but it has shorts underneath so its more of a skort. I think it’s my favourite item of this haul. The picture doesn’t show how pretty the fabric is. It’s a little shiny. Can’t wait to share an OOTD with this item.
Skort from Maje

The checkered items are still everywhere. I like the fact that these trousers are not the common grey checkered that you see a lot but more beige.
Trousers from Massimo Dutti

I don’t buy jewellery often, especially not earring as I usually stick to my delicate earparty. Statement earrings have been around for a while now and although I really like it, they are usually just too big for my taste. These earrings are not big and heavy at all which is perfect. Love the combo of a statement earring and a cosy knit.
Earrings from Mango

As an animal print lover, it’s nice to see that there are variations at the moment besides the good old leopard print. You can spot snake print everywhere but zebra print is also making an appearance. I got a not so traditional zebra item.These jeans are just so bold and edgy. I plan to wear it with an all black outfit.
Jeans from Zara

The fabric of this blouse is difficult to see but it’s corduroy. Perfect for the chilly days and it looks nice with the zebra jeans.
Blouse from Zara

So that’s it! What do you think of the items that I got? Also, let me know whats currently on your shopping wishlist.

Have a great week!

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