Did she take another blogging break? This is something some of you might have thought the past week. In case you didn’t really notice, I have not blogged for about two weeks. That’s so contradicting to the goal that I had set to start blogging on a frequent base again, after the bad summer that I had. I finally found the time and the motivation to commit myself to frequently sharing a post. Until somewhere last weekend. ‘’Luck’’ was on my side, again.

I wanted to watch Youtube videos on my laptop but when I switched it on, nothing
happened. I stared at a black screen for a while before I thought to charge it as the battery might be low. A few minutes later, I was still staring at a black screen. I tried numerous times to switch it on and read tips online but nothing seemed to work. I cried and panicked and cried again.

How was this possible? My laptop isn’t even a year old.

I remember sharing this in one of my monthly diaries

Last Monday I went to the Apple store to see if something could be done. The sales assistant tried everything and still my laptop was not working. I had to send it in for reparation and it could take up to 10 days depending how bad it was.

‘’Did you recently make a back up’’? Another instant panic attack. I had not. I was told I could possible lose all my files. I felt miserable.

So long story short. I have just gotten back my laptop and it’s working again. I am thinking of uploading a few posts this week. Just wanted to share this update to inform you that I didn’t escape to a tropical island without any internet connection 😉

Hope you’re all doing great and enjoying the first days of Autumn!


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