One of my highlights of my trip to Vienna must be my visit to Schloss Schönbrunn. This place was so impressive. Not to forget, the whole area is massive. Without realising it, I spend hours there, feeling totally amazed. Everything was beautiful, from the palace to the gardens.

Schönbrunn is a fantastic place to make outfit shots. Only that you have to dodge hundreds of people. Besides that, the palace has so many nice spots for ootd pictures, especially on a sunny day. I also spotted newlyweds making wedding pictures.

So what was I wearing during my visit to Schloss Schönbrunn? I had packed this wrap around blouse for Vienna as I had previously bought it. The plan was to wear it with a white jeans but was a very hot summer day. But I had to wear it. You know that feeling? When you have something new that you love and really want to wear no matter what? It happened with this blouse as I was so excited about it that I had to become an outfit. I ended up wearing it over a white lace playsuit. You might wonder why I was so excited to wear the blouse. It’s because of the colour, stripes and the shape why I love it that much. It accentuates my waist which looks good with the loose fitted bottom of the playsuit.The combination of the lace and lilac turned out so nice. As the look is quite clean, I decided to go for a bolder lipstick to give the whole more colour. It’s a dark purple/burgundy like shade. Do you like wearing darker lipsticks?

I’ll be uploading some posts on my trips, so keep an eye on February circus for more about my holidays!

Have you ever visited a palace? If so, which one?

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on my outfit!

Playsuit: H&M / Blouse: Hallhuber / Shoes: Vans / Sunnies: Gucci


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