At the beginning of June, I took a blogging and social media break. The main reason was that I wasn’t doing so well in my private life as you already know. Another
reason was that I got quite annoyed by some things in the blog and social media atmosphere that got me like ‘’bye, I am out’’.

I love blogging and I can’t imagine not blogging and connecting with my readers anymore. It’s the place where I can passionately write about my love for fashion and travel and share my ideas and takes on life. The majority of the times it’s nothing but positivity, happy thoughts and finding inspiration. I am extremely thankful I found this and that I can express myself so freely. However, there are some things that sometimes frustrate me.

Many people think that blogging and social media is so perfect and only fun. The people active on these platforms know that it is not always fun and games. There are some frustrations that I have when it comes to blogging and Instagram. It’s the things that we can’t control.

In this post I want to share the things I have come across that I think could be differently. I’ll explain my take on some things that happen in blogging and social media. It’s written from my perspective and you might disagree with my ‘’blogging+social media don’ts’’. That is ok.

Why is it not always fun and games?

Follow/unfollow on Instagram
These are random people that I don’t know, bloggers that I know from the blog and companies. I am not going to mention which companies but they are fashion brands with enough followers.The funniest was that a company in fashion, that rejected me when I applied at the company, did exactly the same. They started following me after the rejection to make things weirder. It’s ok to unfollow someone when you notice their content isn’t your taste anymore but don’t go too crazy.
Example: There was a girl following/unfollowing me for at least 15 times till I blocked her. I mean, I see you follow me, I choose to not follow you, that is not personal. You don’t need to do that 15 times.


Spam comments on my blog
With spam comments I mean these comments with strange email addresses talking about peculiar topics and some fake accounts that were spamming all the comments on my blog.

Comments on the blog of people that just want easy publicity
Example: great post + link to blog or even YT channel. End of comment.

Blogging is hard work and connecting with people is one of the nicest things about it. Why go and place emotionless and random comments on my posts if you don’t really want to connect with me? Networking and growing your followers base takes time and dedication. It’s easy to take the short cut but people won’t fall for it. Add your link in the designated field and let people decide whether they click.

I also want to say that I know bloggers that place genuine comments and do add a link to their blog. Those I don’t delete of course, so don’t worry 😀 It’s just the type of comments of the example.


Spam email
Ever since I shared an email address in my about section, I get so much spam mail. I only added this, should (real) companies want to reach out or if readers have questions. It’s not cool to use your fake spam or scam email address to send me the strangest emails ever. I have therefore added a contact form instead to this page.

Comments that are so irrelevant that you know its just copy paste.
I have had it before that people placed a comment on my blog telling me how great my blog was and how they liked my content + LINK to blog. I saw this exact same comment on a handful of other blogs.

Same goes for the ‘’I just followed you, follow me back?’’ type of comments both on the blog and Insta.


Instagram algorythem
I don’t know what this exactly is or how it works. However, I notice a change in my engagement. Last year, I had less followers and more engagement within the first hour. We all know how important that first hour is on Instagram. Instagram and blogging is not my source of income so I don’t get too mad about it. Still, it’s not nice to feel that you don’t really stand a chance as your content disappears in the big pile. It can be quite frustrating. I am stuck at the same amount of followers for at least 3 months now. Perhaps my content also sucks but I think theres more to it.

 Instagram makes my pictures blurry
Please tell me I am not the only one. I make my Instagram pictures with my IPhone and these are really sharp. I edit them a little bit (make it even sharper) and don’t do any crazy photoshopping. Before uploading them, I preview the picture and it looks good. After uploading, it gets blurry and pixelated. This is so annoying and kills my motivation to regularly upload. Who else has experienced this?

I won’t let these irritations overrule the positive aspects of blogging and social media. It’s too much fun to be creative and social but sometimes it’s also necessary to keep things real and mention when things aren’t perfect.

Have you experienced any of these things? Or other things that influence your blogging and social media? It’s also nice to read how you handle certain things.

Love to all my dear followers! You make blogging fun ❤