Buenos dias!

As you probably know, I spend a week in Spain this month. Which was partly private reasons and also for some fun. I spend a few days in the town where my family comes from, but the majority of the time in Madrid. I absolutely love Madrid. This hasn’t always been like that as I used to live in Barcelona and therefore nothing could get better than that. However, as I flew to Spain quite often in the past year, Madrid has become a special place for me and is now one of my favourite cities in Europe. I could go there several times and never get bored of this city. You never run out of things to do and see. There’s a real good and positive vibe that gets transmitted, at least for me.

In this post, I’ll share my travel diary with snapshots of this trip. In a separate post, I will be sharing my Madrid recommendations and personal hotspots. As, after a few times in this city, I have some favourites that I’d like to share.

I have posted pictures of my trip on my Instagram. Have you seen them?

We started off with a delay. So I treated myself to fries to keep me happy.

Once we finally boarded, they kept us on the ground. It had gotten that late that when we were finally up in the air the sun was going down

Sunday breakfast

‘’Reading a magazine’’

How I love these Eames chairs

Time for tapas y vino tinto

Croissants are my kind of breakfast, in case you didn’t know

My stripes on Sunday outfit

Can’t go to Spain and not have churros con chocolate for breakfast

I am obsessed with my Love Moschino Blazer

Palm trees and sunshine. Leaving the small town and off to Madrid ❤

Another check in at a fantastic hotel.


Plaza Mayor

First time at Five Guys. OBSESSED!

Trying to do the cute ‘’I am posing with my five guys drink’’ Instagram pose. Failed at it.

Dinner at one of my fave Italian restaurants

Plaza Espana

Templo de Debod

I went there in the evening when the sun was slowly going down.

Palacio real

I always look up to spot interesting buildings

I love street musicians. This man was so sweet and he played the saxophone so good. Thanks for making my morning sir!

El Parque del Retiro

I tried doing this once when I lived in Barcelona. FAIL. Will never do it again, unless I am excluded from rowing.

El Palacio de Cristal. OOTD will be on the blog soon.

This place ❤

Look how this tree grows in the water

As halve Mexican, I had to eat some taco’s.

Street art

Can I just sit there and eat all of it?

I mean, do I need to say something about this?

Love this pleated dress

Evenings in Madrid

Look at that ham

Last pictures at the hotel’s rooftop before leaving. Boo.

Madrid, I am going to miss you and hope to be back soon!
Have you ever been to Madrid? Or is another place in Spain your favourite?

Keep an eye on the blog as more fun posts are coming up!

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