Guess who’s back? Remember me? I hope all of you are doing well!
Although my blogging break was highly necessary, I missed blogging and connecting with you. Also, seeing the comments of a few of you on my blogpost where I announced my break made me not want to go away for too long. You guys are the sweetest ❤ Thank you for your kind words!

As explained in that blogpost, my head was not really there to blog as I was going through some pretty stressful, hectic and emotional moments. Plus, I was heading to Spain as some of you know. So it all became too much for me. I didn’t want to abruptly disappear so thats why I shared that announcement while I was in Spain. I want to blog with passion and thats’ why I distanced myself for a bit as my spark was dulled.

Taking a break and stepping away from some things can do miracles. However, I feel that I have taken enough rest now and I am back to blogging.

What can you expect in the upcoming blogposts? In this blogpost I’ll share a short version of my May Diary, which I skipped in the middle of all the craziness. Next to that, I’ll be sharing my Spain travel post, a travel recommendation post, OOTD’s that I have shot, a new little experiment and more new ideas 🙂 I am excited to be back!

Curious about some of my May moments? Keep on reading!

My colourful explosion Tenue du jour. This seems so long ago!

Not a day goes by without my fruits

Croissants for breakfast are my fav

Beautiful little flowers

How I love going for a walk

Mc Donald’s pick nick

First water melon of the year

A hot air balloon passing my house

I received such lovely comments on my Frida OOTD ❤

Bought lots of fruits

First froyo of the year

This was so yummy!! Green asparagus with shrimps

Random and casual OOTD

On a lazy Sunday I ordered pizza. When the delivery guy was gone I saw that they delivered the wrong pizza so I called Domino’s and they delivered a new one so I had two pizzas ❤

Smoothie bowl for breakfast

The Royal wedding. It was so beautiful! Tears were there!

Peonies ❤

When I received the bad news in May that knocked down my esteem, my mum bought me this little cake. She’s the best!

Spotted this old convertible. I have a thing for these vintage cars

This must be a Sunday breakfast

Beautiful double rainbow

Tried a new recipe for a couscous salad and it was good (and easy). Should I share some of my favourite easy recipes?

Cant wait to share my upcoming posts and ideas with you 🙂

Question to all of you! Who’s following the Word Cup? And who are you rooting for? I am supporting Spain (and Mexico).