Hi everyone!

You already know that I like to mix prints and to wear an outfit that clashes a bit somehow. This outfit is a colorful explosion and I am surprised of how much I like these two colors together. In the past I would have never dared to match these kinds of colors all in one outfit as it’s not the obvious combination and therefore perhaps odd. These days as I am totally confident about my outfit choices and I experiment more as you know. I think matching colors that aren’t an obvious match is so much fun. There are no rules right? I now feel that I want to experiment more with colour combinations and am feeling orange a lot lately.

How did I come up with this color combo? Sometimes, I love going through my closet and have mini styling sessions with my clothing. I then make pictures of the combinations. On days that I am totally clueless or feel that I have nothing to wear, I can always rely on my combos from this styling sesh. This is perhaps also a tip for the people that sometimes have a wardrobe crisis in the morning. So during one of these styling moments, I took out this sweater from my closet that I had never worn. I wanted to add pants to this look as I didn’t want to make it too girly with the top already being bright pink. After taking out a few, I put it next to my burgundy pants and I felt it. Daring but an instant match in my head.

I shared this ootd a while ago on my Instagram and it was so well received. FYI: I always tend to upload my outfits first on my Instagram before I write a detailed blogpost about it. So if you want to be up to date in regard to my outfits you know where to find me.

How do you feel about clashing colors? Would you wear these not so obvious color conbinations? Let me know what you think of my outfit.

Top: Zara / Pants: Sandro / Shoes: Zalando / Sunnies: Gucci / Bag: Balenciaga

Before I end this outfit post I want to do shout out to the lovely Anni from Klamottenkonzept. She’s such a kind girl that I have met through our blogs. After reading my post about my travel bucket list, she mentioned that she had visited Tallinn and Finland, which are two of my dream destinations. I asked her whether she had some posts about it on her blog as I was curious about her trip. She shared a post about Tallinn as I was so excited about finding out more about her trip and this city. Go check the post and her blog! Thanks again cutie ❤

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