While writing this post I see a bright blue sky and a yellow tree from my window which
instantly makes me feel inspired. This spring weather has definitely had a positive effect on my mood. Compared to last month, when I was feeling down, I feel that I am slowly getting into a more positive vibe with my ups and downs in the meantime. I do feel that this positive flow is partly because of the change of season and the fact that the days are longer. This improvement in mood also makes me more motivated to write blogposts. So in contrary to last month, you can expect the regular amount of posts again.

This month I decided that I want to start paying more attention to lay out. Therefore I started trying out some things in regard to the layouts of the main images and designing little images such as one that I added in this diary (keep reading). I think this looks a bit more personal and finished. I will keep experimenting with this as my skills are far from perfect.

I also reached another milestone yay!!! You’ll see further in this post what it is 🙂 At the same time something happened that made me a bit hesitant about being part of the ‘’online world’’. I won’t go into detail but I just want to say: update your settings of all your accounts once in a while.

Also want to thank those sweet followers for wishing me well last month when I wasn’t feeling so good ❤

I don’t know about you, but I can’t skip breakfast. Besides that I am always hungry when I wake up, I don’t have any energy if I don’t eat anything. Here I am having soy yoghurt, which in my opinion is much nicer than regular yoghurt, a croissant and black coffee.

My black and white Tenue du Jour

Spotted this tee in town. Mexican pride ❤

I made granola!! So yummy and much more healthy than buying it in store.

We have been having nice days on and of here in The Netherlands. When it is sunny I love to be outside. I went for a walk in a nearby park where there are so many ducks.

Hello swan

I love to enjoy the outdoors

Between my healthy eating I need some Mc Donald’s from time to time to keep me sane :p Oh and this wasn’t all for me.

I received so many lovely comments on my blogpost and Instagram post with this outfit. Thank you ❤

So pretty

This is new in store and I couldn’t resist while doing grocery shopping.

Boo, I ran out of my favourite Clarins day cream.

Sometimes I like to have a special brekkie on the weekends. Pancakes are my favourite non healthy breakfast.

Balance balance. Another day I was having a smoothie bowl

Towards the end of April my blog reached 700 followers. Yaaaay!! I am so happy and thankful.

Dinner time! I love green asparagus.

I have this thing for buildings. When I was a teen, I dreamed of being an architect.

Weekend food: fish burger with oven fries

Writing a blogpost is much easier with a snack 😉

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed looking through my April diary. Are you also enjoying spring so much?

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