Every year I make a destinations bucket list. Not that I intend to tick those destinations off in that same year but more as a source of inspiration where I could travel to that year. Last year I also shared this list and actually traveled to one of the destinations on that list. If you’re interested in reading that one click HERE

I always feel like traveling. Looking at inspiration pictures of nice places is also something I do almost every day. The famous Instagram account Beautiful Destinations is also my place for day dreaming. I get adrenaline from traveling. I totally got this from my dad as he was a real adventurer when he was a young guy. He dared to go anywhere and did lots of solo traveling. Although I would be in for traveling every day of the year, I feel most in a travel mood when spring arrives.

This year, I haven’t traveled anywhere yet besides Paris in February so I really feel that I want to visit some place new. I know I’ll be going to Spain in the upcoming months but that is more for family matters. Yet I still always try to make most out of a trip regardless of the purpose. Apart from Spain, I have nothing planned so I made my yearly travel bucket list in order to feel inspired. It might inspire you too at the same time.

Paris, February 2018

Last year I added Vienna to my list and I still would love to visit Austria. Now I have found another gorgeous place in Austria: Hallstatt. I am obsessed with looking at pictures of this town. Seems like a  place to enjoy nature. This is something I started appreciating more while growing up. I don’t really have a preference as to which season I would love to go but I think that Hallstatt covered in snow would be perfect.

Germany 2017

Next time that I’ll visit Mexico I will for sure combine it with a stop in Guatemala. I have seen many pictures of different cities in Guatemala and it gives me such similar vibes as Mexico. Therefore I am so sure that I will enjoy a stop in this country. The place that interests me most is Antigua. It reminds me of Oaxaca (Mexico).

Oaxaca 2016

Now this is a place I never expected me to be interested in. Edinburgh never even crossed my mind to visit until the beginning of this year. I think it was mainly because I had no idea how it looked or what it was known for. Now I am really curious. Is it a bit similar to Dublin?


This is the last Scandinavian country that I want to visit (ok apart from Iceland). I have been to Stockholm and last year I also ticked off Copenhagen from my bucket list. I love Scandinavian countries. The people are extremely friendly (and beautiful), the streets are clean and I am obsessed with the relaxed and good vibes there seem to be in each of these countries. I would combine Helsinki with a day trip do Tallinn (Estonia) as it is easy to reach by ferry. The only downside is that Scandinavian countries are quite expensive.

Copenhagen 2017

Someone I vaguely know and have as a friend on Facebook went on a study exchange to Nicaragua. I don’t know where exactly this person was living during that exchange but wow! It looked like paradise. It’s one of my dreams to ever do a jungle tour and Nicaragua seems like the perfect place for it. Also, I simply have a thing for Spanish speaking countries.


Have you been to one of these countries? If so, let me know your thoughts on it and what season would be best to visit! Where would you like to travel to?


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