It’s time for a new section on my blog! Apart from my regular Tenue du Jours, I am planning on sharing outfits that can be considered as budget outfits. Ok, I know this is a relative thing as some might agree with I classify as budget and others might not agree but that’s not my intention with this idea.
I had this idea for a while now. When I bought a domain, I wrote down a few ideas I wanted to introduce to the blog, Tenue on a Budget being one of them. The idea is to share from time to time a budget outfit. So not every Tenue du Jour will be like this. My idea behind these OOTD’s is that I think fashion can get expensive sometimes with all trends coming and going. Every month something else can be considered ‘’in trend’’ and keeping up with it is just impossible. While I am already not a big trend follower and do my own thing, I want to try to show you that you can also look nice on a smaller budget or without spending too much money on clothing. Dressing up should be fun and it doesn’t matter what you spend on clothing. You can work any kind of outfits. Plus, you won’t even be able to tell how much it’s worth, if you wouldn’t know.

I’ll consider it a budget outfit when the outfit, head to toe, shoes and bag included has a value of maximum 100 euros. So when you see the title, Tenue on a Budget, you will now that the outfit is in total 100 euros maximum.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this new type of outfit posts.

Now over to the outfit! A week ago, it was such nice weather in the Netherlands. We had skipped spring entirely and went straight to summer. I was so happy but that happiness didn’t last long as we’re back to rainy weather. Still, this outfit puts me in a summery mood. I named this post Mexican pride because I am wearing a handmade top from Mexico. I bought it during my holiday in Mexico 1,5 years ago. I shared 3 posts on this trip, should you be interested in reading them: PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 (my blog was still in it’s early stages, so look past the newbie style)

You can already tell also from my looks that while I was born in The Netherlands, my roots aren’t completely European. That’s right, I am partly Mexican and a proud one 🙂 This outfit comes right on time with Cinco de Mayo (national holiday in Mexico) being just around the corner.

The top is from cotton, which is one of my favourite fabrics for summer as it’s so fresh. The embroidery is typical Mexican but these days, chain stores such as Zara copy this look and you can find similar designs also in store. I paired the top with yellow high waist shorts. The belt is a nice detail, makes it all a bit less plain and accentuates the waist.

My sunglasses are vintage and I am a real sucker for unique vintage accessories. Vintage can be expensive (designer vintage or leather items for example) but I was lucky to get this gem for really less money. I love the side detail, which is delicate and has a special shape. A big tip for upgrading budget outfits is therefore to accessorise.

Top: made in Mexico / Shorts: Zara / Sunglasses: Vintage / Bag: Parfois / Shoes: Vans

Hope you enjoyed reading my first Tenue on a Budget. What are your thoughts on my summery outfit?


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