This was one weird month. Last month I mentioned that February was the best month ever.  March was completely the opposite. I wasn’t feeling well health wise and also in my personal life there were things killing my vibes. While people often mention in diary posts that their month/week has flown by, March seemed to last forever for me. I wasn’t in a happy and positive flow because of circumstances and noticed this in my self esteem. I also didn’t upload my regular amount of posts but I rather share less posts of quality than more without any sense.
Although March was quite a shitty month, it was also the month that I ate the most healthy of all time. OK with here and there snack moments but I am only human. I like my current healthier eating pattern. It’s not extreme and I don’t limit myself. Expect a lot of food pictures in this post 😉 March was also the month that spring supposedly started. Only while writing this (first week of April) do I notice this as the sun is shining. Happy girl here. I hope that the change of temperature will also put me in a better mood this month. April, be nicer to me.

Best start of the month

I send this picture to a friend. This was on a lazy Sunday morning. You might think: that face mask looks weird. I always cut my sheet masks so they fit properly on my face.

Yum! Snack time

It’s all about balance right?

Time for a small work out. My work out post was so well received. Thanks so much for all the nice comments!

Asos packages make me so happy

I ended up only keeping the purple boots and this cute tee

Dinner time. Pumpkin/carrot soup on the menu.

This shower gel and body lotion from Victorias Secret smell amazing

This must be weekend. Pancakes for breakfast

Time for a mask. I always apply it with a foundation brush as I don’t like to use my fingers.


Another weekend, another treat

In March, I started experimenting with smoothie bowls for breakfast. I love it! I am hooked

One of my favourite Tenue du Jours that I have posted so far although its quite simple

Smoothie bowl number 2

Healthy dinner. Inspired by Sanne Vloet’s What I eat in a day video.

Inception. One of my favourite movies of all time.

Another favourite of mine. Agatha Christie novels

Smoothie bowl number 3. See, I am hooked

Green monster. Should I start sharing my favourite smoothie combinations?

I styled an outfit with the purple boots from my asos order. Love them.

I have the best mom ❤ She got me tulips.

In my 25 goals before 25 post I mentioned that I wanted to learn how to poach an egg. After my birthday, I shared a reflection post in which I mentioned which goals I had achieved. I did not accomplish my goal of learning how to poach an egg, regardless of which technique I tried. On the last weekend of March I really craved a poached egg so I decided to google (AGAIN) some techniques. GUESS WHAT? I finally managed to do it!!! HURRAY!!!

Did something special happen to you in March? Let me know. Also, should I do a post on smoothies due to my new obsession?


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