I briefly mentioned it in my previous post and you can obviously see it: my blog has a new name. I finally bought a domain. Those that regularly read my posts probably have read a few times before that this had been on the planning for a few months. After many brainstorms sessions and lots of research, it’s finally here. I don’t know about other fellow bloggers, but for me, finding the right domain name was so difficult. It can also be due to the fact that I am super picky and perfectionist when it comes to this. I had set so many points of criteria in regard to length, meaning and originality.

My blog was previously known as Revolutionary Roads (of Life). Since last summer, this name did not feel got to me anymore. It just sounded so harsh and dramatic. I was happy with my content but the title was just in the way and bothered me. The name is the first impression of a blog and I was dissatisfied with it. I also wanted to take my blog to the next level as my blog has been around for a while now. It was time for the next step to add more value and a serious touch to the blog. It was the right moment for a domain as my following and engagement had grown to the point where it felt good to me to invest in my blog.

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At first you might be confused and doubtful about this name. Because, why would I pick something that seems so random?
Let me tell you one thing: if you want to find a true original blog name, you will have a hard time these days. There are just so many domains registered. When you think you finally have the one, you check it and it’s either already taken or there are enough similar blog names. Some might be ok with that similar domain but I could not just take something to just have a domain. This takes time. One of the criteria in my search was that I wanted a name that does not put me in a specific box. I might blog now about a certain topics, but who says I will keep writing about those topics?

This leads us to the most important question. What does February Circus stand for?

I wanted to have a personal touch in my blog name that wasn’t too obvious such as my name. If you have read my most recent posts, you will have seen that it recently was my birthday. Voilà, There’s the personal touch. The circus part stands for life. Welcome to my circus, welcome to my life. It’s about the highs and lows, the show of my life. For me, it also stands for the fact that I don’t like to take life and myself too serious. Circus also means that I blog about several topics and that you can’t really put me in a box.

Hopefully this all makes sense to you and that I explained myself well.

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I am extremely happy with my new blog name. It really feels like the start of something fresh.
What do I have planned now for February Circus? Behind the scenes I want to arrange some practical aspects such as a new email, social media and adapting my about page. However, I also want to slowly start making some changes to the lay out and content. The content aspect I have already mentioned before and hope to be introducing soon the new ideas. It all takes time and it’s a matter of lots of trying and re-doing, I have learned that now through this experience.

Hope you’re as excited as I am! And hopefully not to confused with this sudden change.

xxx Valerie

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*You can still email me at the email address that you can find in my About section, for now. I will adapt that as soon as I have arranged something new. I will also make sure to make a reference to this change once it has happened.
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