Today’s post is very special to me. This post is my 100th blogpost! Can you believe it? I can’t. Crazy. I am not a daily blogger and that’s why it took me a while to reach this milestone. I am saying milestone because to me it feels like one. Milestones to me not only mean amount of followers. It all started in Fall 2015. It just hurts my eyes when I see the type of content I shared back then but I guess you learn every day. When I scroll through my blogposts, I see a change, year after year, even month after month. I want to share my blogging story and will reveal some of my future plans. I think some aspects of this post will be recognisable for those that have been blogging for a while and perhaps new bloggers might find this post helpful. Get yourself a cup of tea and some snacks because it will be a long storytime.

Curious about the highs and lows of my blogging adventure?

Why I started my blog
This is maybe a cliche thing to say but it is applicable to me. I am a very creative person, or at least I think so. I have always been. Whether it’s styling clothes, interior decoration or making things. Regardless wether the end result was fabulous by the way. During my studies, I found out that I really enjoyed creative writing and also back in the intern days, I liked writing and content creating tasks the most. When I was done with my internships I always missed creating creative content and writing.

I also looked up to creative fashion bloggers and these have been my sources for inspiration for years. They always appeared to be so confident and I could only dream to be as confident and daring as them. They inspired me to do something similar and I wanted to start blogging ever since my teenage years. I never had the courage though, as I was always afraid of what people would think and say. Looking back, not chasing this bloggers dream as a teen was a stupid thing to do. This leads me to my last reason why I started this blog. I have always lacked some confidence mainly because I have always been criticised and bullied for any reason possible. For the way I look, the way I dress, the choices I make and just for being me. I therefore never dared stepping out of a comfort zone because I was always afraid of reactions and never dared to be me. The period before I decided to make a WordPress account was tough for me because of various reasons and I was feeling more insecure than ever. At the same time I was also fed up with my insecurities and wanted to start to be really me. I thought my blog could be my place where I could really be me, write and be creative at once. I wanted to stop caring about opinions and get rid of those insecurities and ‘’what if’s’’.

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Blog back then
In the beginning I was still not sure what to write about and started the blog adventure with a super random travel post. No introduction to the blog, no getting to know me. Nothing. BAM here’s a blogpost that’s it. Newbie bloggers mistake I suppose. I was not blogging about anything personal and not showing anything about my life. Not even my name or how I looked. You can say I was blogging anonymously and I had specifically chosen for that. I also didn’t tell anyone I knew that I started blogging. I was too shy to explain I guess. I didn’t do any effort in regard to engagement and coming up with ideas on a weekly base. At one point I was annoyed that I didn’t see any outcomes from the little efforts I was putting in my blog. I started to change it last year March when I started blogging on a more frequent base.

Opening up and sharing personal things about my life helped my blog grow

Time for changes!
I decided to drop the anonymity and started sharing more personal posts such as my monthly diaries and topics that mean something to me. Soon I noticed the change in my traffic, how nicely people started responding to my blog and how many people decided to follow me just because I had opened up a little. The more I opened up on my blog and the more I dared to share about me and my looks, the more confidence I gained. This because I have received only positivity on my blog and the best advices that I sometimes need. The more I opened up the more my people connected with my blog and commented. For someone with not so much self confidence, these little things can do a lot. So apart from the fact that I saw the statistics drastically improving, blogging has been a real good way of gaining a lot of self confidence and dropping so many insecurities. And it needs to be said that its because of all the positivity I receive.

The biggest change in my blog must have been that last summer I decided to start sharing outfit posts. At first I was hesitant because it was new for me and it needed a step out of my comfort zone. However, this has been one of my best blogging decisions I have made. It meant that I would be writing about my biggest passion. I am crazy about fashion and styling. I think it also shows when you write about things that you are passionate about. You can see that my blog has become more personal and that I write about topics that are so close to me. Like my blog has gotten an identity.

Who remembers my first Tenue du Jour?

I think some fellow bloggers will relate to what I am going to write next about the early stages of my blog adventure. If not, lucky you, you didn’t end up so disappointed in the beginning like me.

I think it is fair to say that I had no idea whatsoever what efforts it takes to blog. I had this fairytale imagination that once you start a blog, comments and readers will follow easily. I woke up quite quickly from this when I realised that it doesn’t work like that. I posted irregularly, sometimes even skipping months, how was I ever going to build a followers base? Call me naive but my silly self thought I would be ok with some easy topics and content. When I looked at my stats back then I was so shocked all the time.

Last year I visited Stockholm, and I’ll never forget how inspired I felt during that trip. I felt so creative and wanted to do something with that feeling. Once I came back I decided to pick up my blogging game. Then is when I started giving my blog that personal touch. I promised myself to make something of this blog. I knew that effort and work were important. So what did I do?

Stockholm, the place that got me excited about blogging again

I started posting more frequently, at least once or twice a week. I still do this. I brainstorm multiple times a week about topics. It takes lots of brainstorming to come up with new and creative content. I want to share posts that show that lots of effort and energy has been put into it and not meaningless compared to before. It takes lots of effort and time to come up with originality. I spend more time engaging with my readers and follow bloggers, which is really important as I really love that special connection with fellow bloggers.

All that work has been rewarded with so much kindness and support. I feel that my content is being appreciated and thats the best reward for putting all that effort in my blog.
Also, as I have mentioned earlier, it has changed me on a personal level. I feel more confident about myself and dare to be me. I don’t care so much anymore about opinions and judgements. For example I wear whatever I want even if it makes head turn and people talk. I also post more on social media, also something I didn’t have the courage for before because I didn’t want people to judge. These are little things but to me this means a lot as it has been a struggle for years. Live and let live, right?

Future plans
I will not quit blogging but I think of making some changes on the blog. I think it will be for the good. First and for me most important at the moment is to get a domain. The struggle with this is that I really want a good domain name that can last me years and that I wont get tired of in a year so. I don’t want to just pick one. It’s so difficult!
I want to do more in regard to fashion and styling and got some ideas already planned. Another thing I want to expand on the blog is my travel section. I don’t want to just add a blogpost after a certain trip. I want to share also more informative travel posts for instance. Lastly I want to keep adding more personal touches to the blog and more meaningful posts.

Merci, thank you, gracias ❤ – Image from Pinterest

I want to end this post by thanking my followers. Whether you have been following my blog for a long time or just very recently. I am still very humbled when I see that people like the content that I share and are supportive of my ideas. You guys are so kind! I receive so much motivation to continue sharing posts because of my loyal followers. So, thank you!
Also, there’s always room for improvement, right? If you have some feedback for me (writing style, content, anything)! You can send me an email or DM me. I like to learn and improve so if there’s something, let me know.

xxx Valerie

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