The majority of you might have read in my previous posts, that I am going to Paris soon. With the current floods, I am a bit afraid that things will get worse and that I will not be able to go anymore because perhaps trains won’t be able to enter the city for instance. I have also read that some metro lines are shut. I have been really looking forward to this trip as the reason that I am going is to celebrate my 25th birthday. It will keep raining a lot up until my departure, in less than 2 weeks. I am trying to stay positive and daily keeping an eye on the weather. Do I have any readers from Paris that can tell me how things are actually over there?

Paris 2017

Anyway, I am supposed to travel to Paris by train. From where I live in The Netherlands to Paris it is just 2,5 hours by train. Incredible right? I am always so amazed by how fast you can be at places these days. In general, I like traveling with train. It’s quite comfortable, quick and no traffic jams like when you travel by bus or car. Another plus for me is that, unlike airports, you don’t need to be at the station so damn early before departure to check in.

Although I like travelling with train, I am a very impatient person myself and need to keep myself occupied to get through the train ride as I get bored soon. Otherwise my travel seems endless. I always tend to choose bus/car rides with a maximum travel time of 3 hours and do other travels by plane. I can’t imagine sitting in the car for 8 hours or more to get to my destination. I could nearly be in Mexico by that time by plane.

I thought it be nice to share what I do whenever I am travelling by train. Maybe you get some ideas or it can be helpful for those just as impatient and easily bored as me. If you have some ideas for me, let me know in the comments! I would love to know what you do during a train ride to kill time.

Do your makeup
When I take a train to travel, I usually do that in the morning. My hours of sleep are priceless so whenever I wake up and get ready I skip doing my make up. I really don’t care leaving the house without any make up and just do it on the train as I want to arrive fresh at the destination. Also, when I stay at a hotel, usually I can’t go in my room before 14-15 o’clock so then you’re not able to do it there.

Have a power nap
Whether I really sleep or close my eyes for a bit, It’s really good to relax a bit. It’s good to save energy as you probably are ready to explore and walk around once you arrive. If you’re lucky enough that you are able to sleep, do so! A power nap of already 30 minutes does miracles.

Check some practical things
Most (hi speed)trains have wifi these days, which is so ideal. I usually check the route to my hotel (if I haven’t already), walking routes and public transportation. The last thing you want to do is constantly take out your phone while on public transportation or at a central station, just for your own safety. I also check out some other practical things such as restaurants I might want to eat at. Nothing as annoying as being hungry and not knowing where to eat.

Play games
I love a game of cards or a multiplayer game on the Ipad (such as the good old fruit Ninja). Time flies when you’re playing a game.

Check your social media in advance
As we all know, scrolling through social media kills time. We never realize how much time it steals until we look at the time. What I also do before I go on a trip is check locations on Instagram for inspiration in regard to restaurants, areas and highlights.

Plan your days
You can also spend time making a plan for the days. I am not really a tight schedule type of person but I like to know what I possibly can do and not to be completely clueless. You might not have time before departure so the train is the ideal place to do some brainstorming.

Charge your devices
On hi speed trains like the Thalys, you can charge your devices. I always make us of it, especially if I am using my phone on the train, I want to make sure it’s fully charged before I leave. Nothing so bad than being in another country/city and being phoneless.

Bring enough drinks/snacks
I always make sure to bring some food, snacks and water on the train. Although hi speed trains have a little catering compartment, these are usually pricier. So it’s a way of saving money. Also, you don’t want to get hungry and not having anything to eat. Nobody wants to arrive hangry (angry because you’re hungry) at your destination. Don’t kill your own vibes.

Dress comfortably
I never wear jeans whenever I am travelling. It’s so uncomfortable. You don’t constantly want to be focused and annoyed about the fact that your jeans is so tight as you’ll be sitting for a while. I usually wear either a dress or big knit + leggings.

Be on time
I always like to be on time. Just enough so that it’s impossible to be rushing or missing the train. I hate starting my trip rushed and stressed. Be on time at the station, platforms can change or they might change the route or your train might be cancelled.

Answer your comments/read blogposts
A real good way for me to kill time while travelling, recently, is to scroll through my WordPress feed, read blogposts and comment and answer my comments. As I don’t pay much attention to my phone when I am on a trip, I rather do some reading and commenting beforehand.

How about you guys, do you like travelling by train? Just out of curiosity, whats the longest train ride you’ve been on?

xxx Valerie

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