Sales are here! You either love sale shopping or you don’t like it at all. If you don’t like it, this post might change your perspective. Personally, I like it. Not for everything but it’s worth to check it out as you might find items that you wanted for a better price. I am therefore sharing my current wish list, with items that I hope to find on sale. Also, I added some tips in regard to successful sale shopping from my personal experience. Sales in France last till 20 February so, lucky me I’m in Paris before it ends! Shopping in Paris is the best.
By the way, do I have readers from Paris?

Have you been sale shopping recently?

Black coat

Coat from Sandro

This is getting boring and perhaps annoying for you to read but I really need a classic black coat!! As I am going to Paris in a month, I have been starting to check French brands and stores online for inspiration. I came across this coat from Sandro and it’s everything I look for in a classic coat. Hopefully I get the chance to try this in store.

Black ankle boots with heel

Boots from Unisa

I have two pairs of black ankle boots, one with and one without heel. I have worn the ones with heel so many times for already a few years (I am wearing them HERE). They could use a break.

Laptop sleeve

Sleeve from Marc Jacobs

Towards the end of 2017, I bought a new MacBook to replace my old one. I still have my old laptop sleeve but this one is so old and is falling apart. I therefore would love to buy a new one. Tips anyone, where I can find a cute high quality one?

Pillow case

Pillow case from H&M

Theres this one pillow on my bed that could use a new case. I like my bed to have neutral or white coloured linen and pillows. This one pillow case is washed out and should be replaced.

Purple pants

Pants from Zalando

On the wishlist for a really long time: purple pants! Unfortunately this one that I wanted is sold out. The search for another one is on.


Leggings from H&M

When I am at home and don’t need to be anywhere, I just love to be comfortable. I mostly wear leggings with a cosy top and socks. I could use some new ones as I constantly wear the same.

Warm/furry sneakers  

Sneakers from Prada

Sometimes in wintertime I just really don’t want to wear boots or it’s not that cold to wear boots. However, my favourite type of sneakers (Vans) is just too cold for me to wear in wintertime. I want to find some warm/furry sneakers that I can wear during these cold months. These Prada sneakers are amazing. But unfortunately waaay out of my budget! Can’t afford something like that. But just so you get the idea of the kind of shoes I am looking for.

Camel sweater 

Sweater from H&M

One of the things I like wearing most during autumn and winter are big knits, whether they’re a dress or a sweater. It’s just so comfortable and easy to put on. I have also added a few this year to my closet but I a beige coloured one is high on my wishlist. I seriously have all colours besides this neutral.

Here are some personal tips for a succesful sale shopping spree:

-Go early
When I go sale shopping I always go in the morning. The stores are always tidy and organised and you can easily go through the racks. A thing that keeps some people from going sale shopping in store is that they find it messy. So go early! Also, it’s not that crowded with people so people are not in the way. The changing rooms will probably be empty so you don’t need to queue up.

-Check the return policies
Sales shopping can lead to impulse purchases because it’s just all cheap and cheap makes people sometimes greedy. Therefore check beforehand what the return policies are, should you make a silly purchase that you later regret. Some stores don’t return money on sales items so thats a waste of money when you make a bad purchase.

-Dress appropriately
I always dress comfortable with not too many layers so when I want to try things on I don’t need to take off 100 layers. Otherwise you might get discouraged to try things on as you know you have lots to take off and you might make an impulse purchase because you don’t try it and it just purchase it.

-Check before sale/save as favourite
For online shopping I sometimes put aside as favourites some items that are ‘’new in’’. I like them but I don’t necessarily need them but would love to have. Or I just find them too pricey. Therefore I can keep an eye on these items to see if they get some discount after a while. Definitely a way to save some money.

Don’t overspend. There are far more nice things you can spend your money on than impulse purchases. First thing you should ask yourself is that if you really need it and if you don’t have something similar already. Another thing that you should ask yourself is if you are really going to wear it. Also, if you are doubting about an item, it’s better to hang it back. If you doubt now, you will doubt about wearing it when its in your closet and that’s a shame. Lastly, think about the quality. Yes, that top might seem like a bargain but is it a durable fabric? If you can just wear it twice because it deteriorates due to the bad quality it’s not really worth it, is it?

-Set a budget
People can really go overboard during the sales. They shop like there’s no tomorrow and sometimes I ask myself whether things are for free when I see people walking around the city with big shopping bags. Maybe its therefore wise to set budgets for each season when there’s sale. Spend your money wisely!

Hope you find my personal tips helpful!! What is currently on your wishlist, anything from the sale?

xxx Valerie