December must have been one of my favourite months of the year and not because it’s the holiday season. I have mentioned it before, but I am not too crazy about Christmas. I like the cosiness, being with my family and the decorations but sometimes it’s just all too much and too exaggerated (in my opinion). December 2017 was lovely though. I did some nice things such as visiting Christmas markets, hosted a giveaway on my blog and above all I spend lots of time with my family.

Joy from Mademoiselle O’ Lantern, tagged me in her B&W Photo Challenge. I thought it was such a nice idea but I also wanted to give it my own touch. I liked the idea of incorporating it in my monthly diary. I therefore added some black and white pictures here and there in this post. I didn’t add a description under these black and white pictures as that is part of the challenge. Let me now what your thoughts are on these pictures 😉 Hope you like the idea.

I am so looking forward to this year and what it will bring me. I really entered the year with positive vibes and I am also excited to develop some new ideas on my blog.
BY THE WAY: I am celebrating my birthday in Paris next month!!!!! Can’t wait.

Enjoy looking through my last bits of 2017!

At the beginning of December I spend a day in Monschau. A cool bonus was that it had been snowing there so I got to visit this cute town, its Christmas market and have some snow fun.

Spotted these cuties at the Christmas market

Eggnog time

My most liked Instagram picture ever was shot that day

Time to put up the Christmas tree. These are my favourite Christmas tree decorations (Yes, thats a little eskimo)

Love this chair

I also visited the Christmas market in Oberhausen (Germany). Another day of only eating


”Hey sexy..”

My hero Bridget Jones

I watched so many movies in December. Here I watched The Minions. Love these little guys ❤

Hosted my very first giveaway to celebrate my blogger milestone

Between all the unhealthy eating in December I made this pineapple smoothie

My polka leopard Tenue du Jour

Went to a brunch buffet with my family

I baked my signature cookies. These were about to go in the oven

Cheese fondue

I made eggnog for the first time. It was so good

Christmas time!

The days after Christmas were mainly also about eating. Here I ordered a Felafel

I also ordered sushi.. see a pattern?

My best nine Instagram pictures

On the last day of December before the New Years madness I made this Milky Way hot chocolate. I expected it to be delicious but it was really disappointing and tasteless although I had put enough of it in my cup. Boo!

Thanks for reading!

xxx Valerie