I am welcoming the new year on my blog by sharing the first Tenue du Jour of 2018! I took a little blogging break since my last post. The reason is that I wanted to brainstorm about my blog and decide which direction I want to go with it. This year I want to post more creative things, apart from some of the good old topics. The Tenue du Jours are staying, don’t worry. Those seem to be my readers’ favourites and I like to share these as well.

This outfit was shot on January 2 so really one of the first things I wore in the New year. All of the items (besides shoes and bag) are new. In my previous tenue du jour I mentioned how badly I need a black classic coat. I ended up buying this black furry coat, but this isn’t actually the classic jacket I meant. Well, at least I got the colour right this time. Can’t help it, just love coats. I absolutely love the sweater. I usually am not a big fan of turtle necks on myself but I think that the neck detail of this one is so special. My favourite item of this outfit is without a doubt my faux leather pants. They are so comfortable and warm! They don’t make a squeaky sound while walking, thats a big plus.

The funny thing about this outfit is that I am wearing head to toe Topshop, besides the shoes and bag. Topshop is definitely one of my favourite high street stores. The clothes are always on trend, fit me well and are (most of the times) affordable.

I feel that last year around this time, I was still looking for confidence to wear what I like and not care about opinions. However, I decided I had to work on that and let go of some shame. Ever since I wear what I like, I feel more comfortable with myself and confident about myself and I think that also shows.

My fashion related advice for the new year to all of you therefore is: wear what you like, don’t care about other’s opinions. Life is too short to just follow the crowd because you don’t want to be criticised. People criticise out if insecurities most of the times anyway. Wear those silly pants, mix and match or dye your hair. You do you!

Jacket: Topshop / Sweater: Topshop / (Faux) Leather pants: Topshop / Ankle boots: Buffalo / Bag: Michael Kors