In October I shared a personal challenge about drinking more water and leaving other drinks aside. The main reason for this was the bad skin condition I had. I continue drinking enough water and I only sporadically drink a diet coke or alcohol and just one coffee a day. Drinking water is not everything when it comes to having a good skin. Good skincare is so important! I started paying attention to which products I used and should use and the needs of my skin.

The past year I realised how important skincare is. If I take care of my wardrobe and how good my clothing matches, why shouldn’t I also pay attention to my skin? I am 24 years old and I notice that my skin started changing this year. For example: when I squeeze a pimple (yeh, gross I know) I notice that scarring happens more often and that it doesn’t go away as soon as it would in the past. Not to mention the lines that start to be a bit more obvious.

It’s now two months after the start of my water experiment and a good skin care routine and I really notice a significant difference. My skin looks healthy and I have less acne. I might just get a few pimples when its that time of the month.

As I received so many nice and caring comments, I thought it be nice to share this skin update together with my current routine. Who knows, I might inspire or recommend something to someone.

Morning routine In the morning I start of by cleaning my face with my Neutrogena face wash. It really is one of the best face washes I have tried. It leaves my skin clean and glowy and removes all the excess products from the night before. It is also budget friendly. This is my second time that I have purchased it. It’s a keeper!

After washing my face, I put some micellar water on a cotton pad and apply it on my face. Should there be some left over grease or product, then it’s all gone afterwards. I just love this micellar water, although I haven’t tried any other. Now comes the most important part in my routine: my face creams. I find it important to invest in good face products. Especially in the morning I think it’s good to give your skin a boost for the whole day as it goes through a lot throughout the day. I started using premature wrinkle products when I was about 21 years old. Shocker? Well, I was a student and intern at that point and loved to have long days and party nights and that can make your skin age. Plus it’s never a bad idea to use an early prevention, because when the lines are there you cant get rid of them anymore 🙂 My favourite skin scare brand has to be Clarins.

Neutrogena Visibly clear Pink Grapefruit face wash / Garnier Micellar Water / Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum / Clarins Multi Active eye cream / Clarins Multi Active day cream

Night routine How I love to clean my face in the evening! Especially on days that I wear make up it feels amazing taking off all of it. It’s like my face can breath and recover again. I have to confess that I don’t always feel like cleaning my face in the evening as sometimes I am too tired or lazy. In the past I might have left it on but now I really force myself to take it off as I know my skin condition gets so bad if I don’t do so. Plus, its super nasty when you wake up.

I first take of some make up with a face wipe. As this is not enough, I wash my face with my Neutrogena face wash. When I have some acne, I use the Garnier face wash. Love the fresh and minty feeling it leaves on my face. I only use that in the evening when I have some acne. Afterwards I use some miscellar water, should there be some left over make up on my face.

I use the same serum and eye cream as I do in the morning. I use another face cream though. This is also for premature wrinkles but I have to admit that I am not too crazy about this Clinique cream. I don’t really have the feeling that it does much for my skin. I’ll just use it all and then probably go for a Clarins night cream. I really love to pamper my skin in the evening. In the evening your skin has a long time to recover from all the impressions of the day.

Random face wipes – always buy different / Neutrogena Visibly clear Pink Grapefruit face wash / Garner Pure Active face wash / Garnier Micellar Water / Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum / Clarins Multi Active eye cream / Clinique Superdefense night cream

Others products that I use Sometimes I deviate from my regular skin routine when I feel that my skin needs something different. I use my 8 hour cream instead of my night cream when my skin is dry or as a protection when I know I’ll be spending time in the cold. This is really one of my all time favourites. Biafine is a product that is originally for skin recovery after burns. However, I have read so many articles that this cream is also good against acne. Apparently many make up artists also use it on their models before shows and shoots. It brightens the skin and makes it look clean healthy. I use this a once a week/once every two weeks as it’s not for daily use. The little bottle is a sample of the Clarins Orchidée Bleue face oil. I use it in the evening when I feel that my skin had a bad day.I am definitely buying a full size after I finish this one.Once or twice a week I also use a mask. My favorite ones are the overnight mask (for a hydration boost) and the clay mask (for a pore cleanse). I also love sheet masks.What is your holy grail when it comes to skincare?