December is here! This means that the holiday season has arrived ❤ Although I am not a huge Christmas fanatic, I like the vibe that this season brings. I love decorating and seeing people decorating their houses and big department stores going all out on their decoration. Not to mention all of the lights in the city. This month brings just so much cosiness.

One of the things that I like to do in December is to visit different cities and towns nearby and their Christmas markets. Hello hot wines and yummy food ❤ Yesterday, I visited the first Christmas market. I went to Germany as it’s not that far from The Netherlands and visited the small town Monschau. It’s such a beautiful and traditional town. I had never been before but I am totally in love, it’s so enchanting. The Christmas market itself is not so big but the town is gorgeous so it\s for sure worth a visit. Definitely look it up! It’s surrounded by a lot of nature. A nice bonus was that it had snowed overnight in Germany. I was happy as a kid as in The Netherlands there has not been any snow yet.

As I had so much fun and I took so many pictures, I really felt like sharing this day trip with you guys! Therefore a bonus peek of my life next to the monthly diaries. Let me know in the comments if you like these spontaneous posts from time to time.

  The snowfun already started in the car. The more south we drove, the more snow there was. I just loved staring at all that white. The trees and everything looked like something from a fairytale. I was annoying everybody in the car by constantly stating the obvious and screaming: ‘’Ooooooooh look’’ ‘’sooooooo pretty’’ ‘’snooooow’’ ‘’so much snoooooow’’. I was 4 years old again.

How can you not fall in love with this town and its charms? I have never been to Austria, but this is exactly how I have pictured some places in Austria to be. Anyone been to Austria that can tell me if it’s so?

Egg punch! How I love this hot drink, it’s so creamy. I am thinking of making it myself for Christmas.

This Christmas tree inspired me to start putting my own Christmas tree and getting all the decoration from the attic. You’ll probably see a picture on my blog soon.
Time for Gluhwein (hot wine) ❤ We tried The gluhwein with Disaronno and Rum. If you are freezing, you won’t be anymore after drinking it, trust me 😉

A sneak peek of the outfit that I was wearing. I thought that it was the perfect occasion to wear my fluffy coat. It was also -1 degrees. I’ll be sharing an outfit post the upcoming days, so keep an eye on the blog. I also shared a picture on my Instagram.

I ate some Reibekuchen, which are German fried potato/onion pastries. Germans, correct me if I am wrong please. I chose some apple sauce. It was real yummy!

Food everywhere!

All that snow made everything look even more romantic. I started imagining how it would be to have a cottage somewhere in the middle of nowhere during wintertime with plenty of snow ❤ 
Cute Christmas decoration.
On the way back, we stopped the car and decided to go for a walk in the snow. It was amazing! The older I get, the more I appreciate nature.

I hope you enjoyed having a peek in my life. Do you like visiting Christmas markets? If so, which ones are you planning on visiting?