Is it just me or did October pass by way too quick? I can’t believe that we are in the middle of November, which means Christmas and new years are already happening next month. Crazy! I feel I am not ready for that yet. Sometimes I think that I just had my birthday, while that was at the beginning of the year. I am feeling some pressure now.

Anyway, now back to October. I am loving autumn so much! It’s such a cosy season. My month on the other hand was quite mellow. I didn’t do so many special things and therefore I wasn’t that actively making pictures.Therefore I think it is going to be the shortest and most simple diary ever. I have even taken a major Instagram break where I haven’t posted in like over a month. What’s the longest you have not posted on social media?

Starting the month in a healthy way

Look how pretty the sky was one evening! Such a beautiful lilac colour. And yes thats the reflection of my chandelier.

Picking figs in my mom’s garden

I ordered some new books. I have started reading Everything Everything. So far I like it 🙂 Has anyone read these books?

Not so healthy but so yummy

I opened an old magazine and saw an article about this girl named Valerie, just like me. The title says: ‘’I have been traveling the world for two years’’ That is definitely my dream ❤ I kept this page for good luck as hopefully one day I’ll do the same.

Easy and yummy dessert: biscuits, dark chocolate and marshmallows in the oven for about 10 minutes

When the weather was still nice

Sucker for details

How I love crêpes!

A naked dog! These dogs are originally from Mexico

It was time to bake something. This is a fig/walnut cake with Cointreau.

I bought a new baby! So happy with it.

My kind of breakfast on the weekend

Carving my pumpkin

Mc Donald’s ❤

A good friend of mine moved to Mexico a few years ago. She send me this picture when she was at the beach. JEALOUS!

Happy Halloween! How cute does my carved pumpkin look?

Let me know in the comments what your highlight was in October!