Autumn is my favourite season for shopping. However, I don’t really believe that clothing pieces are exclusively made for one season. I love it when I can combine many of my clothing items throughout the whole year. I am really a huge fan of multi functionality. As fall isn’t that extremely cold, I love that you can slowly and easily transition into a more cosy wardrobe without making big changes. Cosiness with not too thick materials is my key to a perfect autumn closet. I recently shopped around a bit and would love to show my lovely readers what I have bought. Maybe it inspires you too 🙂 I also see a pattern in the items that I bought..trousers, trousers, trousers!

Have you been shopping for autumn items lately? What would you still like to get?

Sweater from Zalando

I fell in love with the colour of this sweater. It’s a darker orange/brick colour and reminds me of the leaves that change colour. The material is warm and the quality is really good. This is something I pay attention to when buying sweaters. I really don’t like it when sweaters get fussy too soon, such a shame. As it hasn’t been too cold yet, I haven’t worn it but I really want to!

Trousers from Missguided

Finally, I found myself the perfect leopard trousers. You have no idea how long I have been looking for the perfect pair. Yes, I know these are everywhere at the moment but it took me a while to find one that fits my criteria. What I like about this pair is the colour, which is a bit yellowish and the high waist.

Legging from Topshop

Another pair of trousers. This one is a bit more legging like as it has no zipper and the material is stretchy. It’s high waisted and is loose fitted, so not a tight usual type of legging. The frilled part at the bottom is so playful and makes it more special. I could totally see myself pairing it with the orange sweater. WORN HERE

Jacket from ASOS

This jacket is faux leather and I absolutely love the colour! It’s a petrol type of colour, which in combination with the faux leather, I find classy. Another fun detail are the sleeves which are wide and therefore this jacket also reminds me of a kimono. WORN HERE

Blouse from Topshop

I got this blouse on sale during one of my visits to Germany. It’s an oversized model and I really like the palm tre/giraffe detail.

Eyeshadow palette from NYX

I am normally not the kind of girl that spends a lot of money on make up. Don’t get me wrong, I love make up and I absolutely love reading blogposts about make up looks and trends. I am simply not too good at it. I have my go to make up look that I tend to stick to. My make up collection is therefore also really small. Should I share a ‘’What’s in my make up bag/make up collection’’ post? Let me know! Anyway, I really like the neutral colours of this palette and the quality is good.

Classic jeans from Levi’s

Lately I have been really into buying and wearing any kind of trousers. Stripes, checked, colourful and prints. You name it, I have been wearing it. Now that the temperature is slowly getting colder, I think I will also feel comfortable wearing a casual and simple jeans from time to time. I had never purchased a pair of jeans from Levi’s before, although it’s thé jeans brand. I was lucky enough to find a nice high waisted dark blue one. The nicest part was that it was 40% off.

Blouse from Zara

This is my most recent purchase and I totally love it. At first I found it a nice blouse but perhaps a tad too girly. When I tried it on, I didn’t mind the girliness so much and I liked how it looked on. As a sucker for details, I like the bow and the ruffles. It also sort of reminds me of something that Blair Waldorf would wear.

Let me know in the comments what you think of my recent purchases!

xoxo Valerie