Those who have read some previous posts might have noticed that I am quite excited about fall. One of my favourite things about this season are the collections in store. I love the slow transition into a cosier wardrobe by adding in a cosy knit to my outfit for example. Don’t get me wrong. I really love summer and enjoying the sun and going barelegged. But to me, there’s something really special about fall.
As I love fall wear so much, I decided to share the items that I am currently obsessed with and would love to add to my wardrobe this season.

Purple trousers

Trousers from Banana Republic & Dorothy Perkins

I am totally obsessed with the colour purple in combination to trousers. WANT! It looks really chique in my opinion and I always love a touch of colour in my outfits. It’s also something that I haven’t spotted on too many people yet.

Globe Necklace

Necklace from Pernille Corydon

My readers that have been following me already for a while know how much I love travelling. When I saw this necklace I fell immediately in love. This necklace is so me! For me it’s symbolic for my wanderlust and it also stands for freedom as the world, is so small these days as we can go from point A to B if we want to. I got to have it!

Gypsy water

By Redo perfume

In my Copenhagen shoplog I already mentioned how much I love By Redo and especially their scent Gypsy water. This perfume is highly on my wishlist. It’s such a unique smell. I think I have found my signature scent.

Fluffy dress

Dress from Zara

Sweater dresses are my favourite for fall. For me they are perfect for days that I don’t feel like over thinking my outfit and I just want to put something on but still look presentable. No fuss, still a nice outfit, that’s my spirit.

Stop and stare coats

Both coats from ASOS – Red / Leopard

I have a thing for special and colourful coats. These two picks are definitely eye catchers that will make heads turn, especially in my ‘’conservative’’ hometown. Also like the fact that these are faux fur.

Striped sweater

Knit from Zara

Its a sweater with stripes, what’s not to love? I think stripes are in general a must in everyone’s closet and therefore a striped sweater as a fall/winter essential.

Faux pony jacket

Jacket from Missguided

At first, this jacket seems super normal and basic. When you look better into it, you see that it’s a faux pony jacket, which makes it already more special. Looking even closer you’ll see two silver details that resemble very special piercings 😉 I really want to get this one.


Red boots: Topshop / Snake boots: Zalando / Black boots: River Island

Boots are my favourite kind of shoes. I could where them all year long no matter the weather circumstances. At the moment I am looking to add a good pair of black ankle boots and statement boots to my wardrobe.

What do you think of my picks? Let me know in the comments what is on your wishlist or what your favourite fall item is.