Yay fall is here! I enjoy the fall months and unlike many other people I am not too sad about summer having ended. I love the transition from summer clothing to more cosy knitwear and in between jackets. There’s nothing that I like more than to end my day with hot cup of tea in bed and a warm blanket. September was therefore a really nice month for me. I went on two small day trips amongst others, one of which I shared here on my blog. 

I have also been thinking more and more about getting a domain. I mean, I don’t have a blog with an enormous reach but I think it is just more personal and adds value as it feels like there’s more effort into it. What do you think? Any recommendations are also welcome. What do I need to take into consideration etc?
For now, I hope you enjoy my monthly diary of September!

My first time at Dunkin Donuts won’t be the last ❤

I received a notification that my blog got over 1000 likes on my posts. Wow 🙂 This is so cool!

These meringues look amazing

Beautiful hometown

Random outfit details –  A lot of snake


It was my mom’s partner’s birthday. We got him a leopard pie. Guess who was the biggest influence in getting that pie?

Look at this wall full of candy

No month without sushi

A day in Germany

Unicorn tea. I wonder what it tastes like.

Who got the kids ice cream? Me!

Flowers for a very special someone

Hello migraine attack, I hate you


Dutchies will know Hema. For real, tompouce flavoured! It was yummy.