Time for a small get away! Last weekend I visited Rotterdam. It was the first time I was actually a tourist in my own country. Apart from Amsterdam, which I have visited multiple times and still visit frequently, I have not visited many main cities in The Netherlands. Yes, I know shame on me, but I usually rather visit cities in other countries. However, I am open to suggestions of must see cities in The Netherlands. To my Dutch readers, what city should I definitely visit some day?

I went by train to Rotterdam, which is quite the travel from my hometown Maastricht. However, it was worth the long train ride. I absolutely loved my visit to Rotterdam. It’s such a cool city. I was constantly amazed by all the buildings and cool architecture. I am definitely going back at some point. People that visit The Netherlands usually only pick Amsterdam as a destination. For those visiting the Netherlands, Rotterdam is definitely worth a day visit too (And don’t forget Maastricht 😉 )!

The weather was also incredible! You wouldn’t say it was September at all. Hope you enjoy reading this post! Let me know in the comments if you have you been to Rotterdam or other cities in the Netherlands.

Off we gooo

We are here!

City hall

Shopping shopping

Mom ❤

Impressive buildings everywhere

The famous Market Hall.  Famous because of its unique architecture and numerous food stands aka food heaven

First stop: a Dutch stroopwafel

Wow. Just wow.

This smoothie was so good! It had banana, kiwi, lime and fresh orange juice

I mean, who doesn’t get extremely happy by looking at this?

Who spotted this one on my Instagram?

My highlight of the day were these cube houses. Incredible. I actually went inside of one. Super interesting. There was one for sale and we joked about buying it and renting it on AirBNB.

Probably made 100 photos of these cube houses

The Erasmus Bridge