Officially we have welcomed spring already a while ago, hurray! Bye dark colours and heavy and warm clothing! Kidding. The weather in The Netherlands is so bipolar. But that didn’t stop me for adding some spring like items to my wardrobe. I am so happy with my findings and would like to share it with you. This shoplog includes items that I have bought in March and April. Since I cleaned up my wardrobe, I really notice that I pay more attention to what I buy and therefore I shop more responsible. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy seeing my shopped items.

Those that follow me on Instagram (@v_avilaa) might have already spotted some of these items.

Bag from Zara

I don’t buy bags that often, as I am really picky when buying one. So it is always a big surprise when I find one that I like. I like that it is quite an eye catching bag and I am a big fan of the metallic trend.

Blouse from Zara
I am such a sucker for stripes and loose fit blouses. The gold fishes are such a playful touch and make me happy when looking at it.

Time for a new perfume. I only had strong and heavy scents in my collection and was looking for a new, fresh smell. I instantly fell in love with this one from Bottega Veneta.

Playsuit from Zara

Isn’t this playsuit cute? (Yes, it’s actually a playsuit) Unfortunately, it’s still too cold to wear. Dear sun, please give me a day of 27 degrees.

Finally! I found a sea salt spray that works well for my hair. I love messy, voluminous hair. Also, the smell of all hair care products from Balmain is amazing.

Got these two tops at H&M during the sale. A baseball top had been on my must haves list for a long time so I was happy to find it for €4. And the other tee… well what can I say. I love everything that involves unicorns. Unicorn power!

Strappy pumps from H&M

The type of shoes that I usually never buy is pumps. I wear mostly boots, sandals or my Vans. But these are so cute! I already picture it with either some edgy trousers or very girly dress.

Blazer from Zara

I already mentioned a long blazer in my Must haves from my own closet blog. But I honestly think this is a great addition to anyone’s closet. I had to get another one as I think it’s the ideal ‘’in between’’ jacket.

Yay, my new glasses are in! I am so so so happy with it. Already received some compliments when I wore them. I am really glad that glasses are so trendy these days and not only worn because it’s necessary. I got these at Ace & Tate. A great tip for budget friendly and trendy glasses. Also, the staff is very skilled and kind!

So far my spring haul! What do you think of my purchases? What is your must have spring item?