New year, new fashion trends, but also new trend dislikes. I am currently on a no shopping mode as my Scandinavian adventure is coming up. Also, my closet is bulging out and I really own enough pieces to get through this season. I just miss a few good basics like a black coat, black ankle boots and a black bag (Black, black, all black). I am heading to Stockholm at the beginning of February and plan to treat myself to something from Acne Studios that I have wanted to have for a long time. So for now, its all about just looking at fashion and in this case writing about items that could disappear and should have been left in 2016.

Fishnet tights
What can I say about this. Tights are supposed to be worn to cover up your legs when it’s cold. What are fishnet tights supposed to cover up? Can’t you better go bare legged then? Oh a side note: NEVER ever wear skin coloured tights. It hurts my eyes by just picturing it! To me, the fishnet looks tacky and trashy. I especially don’t like the combination of these tights with (ripped)jeans, when the tights are higher than the jeans and actually showing this.
Tights from ASOS

Turtle necks
I don’t like these at all! Next to the fact that they steal 10cm from your height as your neck is not visible, I think they are too fuzzy. I would go nuts having my neck covered up and would get annoyed by that feeling that something’s touching my neck all day long. My least favourites are the tight ones, YUK!
Sweater from Zara

Off shoulder tops
I feel that some of the posted items are trends that have been brought back from the past. I clearly don’t like this. These off shoulder tops are also an item that I have worn in my younger years and my mom also wore these in her younger years. Ha-ha. It’s not for me, I think strapless bras are uncomfortable and that’s the only way that these tops should be worn, no bra straps shown. I also don’t get the sweater version of these. Literally a cold shoulder 😉
Top from Topshop

I remember being a Jennifer Lopez fangirl in my childhood. I loved copying her looks (hey bandana and cropped tops). She used to wear hoops all the time at one point and I also went for it. The bigger the better. Nowadays, I really don’t like big earrings and especially not big hoops. I like tiny delicate studs or mini hoops.

Earrings from ASOS

Overlined nude lips
We all know that Kylie Jenner started the trend of the oversized lips and ever since people are having either their lips done, or overline them with make up. For me, this trend is too hyped. As it is seen everywhere on everyone, it got too dull to look at. It automatically looks fake and not many people pull off the overlined without seeing the actual lip. This in combination with a nude colour can disappear! I like a touch of color on the lips.

Picture from Kylie Jenners Instagram (@kyliejenner)