I’d like to describe myself as a fashion enthusiast rather than a fashion follower or fashion victim. I always stick to myself and even I am bombarded with trends, I always see if it fits my figure or the other pieces that I own and whether I’ll wear it more than one season. I think that style, your style, should be one of a kind with a seal that defines you. Therefore it’s a shame when trends are being just completely copied. It happens to me so often that I walk in the city and see a sea of monotony in regard to clothes and style when girls decide to wear what’s ‘’in’’. This it definitely something I don’t strive after when I dress myself. Therefore I like to share some of the ‘’it’’ items and trends that have been everywhere for a while that simply haven’t convinced me.

All from ASOS. (The left one looks just like the one I had as a kid, memories..)

I had a choker, a plastic one, when I was about 5 years old. It was right when the Spice Girls were my idols and when I wanted to be just like them, dancing around in my ponytails and a cropped top. After begging my mom for a long time to get me a choker (she thought it was tacky) I finally got my choker. That was such a happy day. Since these have come back, it only reminds me of my childhood and by now I share my mom’s opinion.

Bomber jackets
Bomber from Bershka

I only like these on men. For girls I find them butchy and most of the times it makes you look plumper then you actually are. I get it, they are edgy, but in that case I would rather go for a mom jeans or boyfriend blazer.

Flower applique mules from Fendi

Slippers with a heel that’s how I describe these.

Patches/logos/random statements
All from Zara

Zara, especially, sells many of these items. Although some of these pieces can look quite cool, for me, those pieces would get boring really quickly. Plus, it has a bit of a teen vibe. Fun fact: when I was in my teenage years I loved to wear tees with random statements that I didn’t always knew the meaning of (oops). Also the band t-shirt trend, I find it striking that many people that wear a, for example, Ramones shirt, don’t even know the band/songs of the band? Rock chique is cool, but I’d only wear such tee if you at least know whom you are representing.

Golden culotte from Topshop

I think that only tall people with limited curves can pull off this trend. Me, a minion with Latina curves definitely looks like a joke. It also depends on how wide the trousers are.

Lace up tops
Black lace up longsleeve from ONLY

At first I didn’t like these pieces at all. Then I saw it more and more on other girls and thought it was ok looking. Still not super convinced, but I decided to give it a go and bought a looser fit blouse with a bohemian print and a lace up detail. I ended up selling the blouse. When it’s a tight model, I find it sometimes too revealing and I can look tacky too quickly. Even though my blouse was loose, the lace up disturbed me when I looked at it. It is simply not for me.

Photo via Instagram @khloekardashian

Not an item but definitely a major trend now: braids. With braids that I don’t like that much I mean the ones from the picture. I like other braids, like the fishtail or as a messy curly up do but these braids are not my thing, apart from the fact that it must hurt a lot, as they are super tight.

Are there any current trends that you aren’t a major fan of?

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