Festival season is here! That doesn’t only mean great outdoor parties. For all the foodies, there is the phenomenon called Foodtruck festivals. Inspired by the American Foodtrucks, you can experience a big amount of food stands offering you a great variety of creative, trendy and handmade dishes from different cultures. This is totally a hit each summer. It’s a fun way to spend the day outdoor in an easy going and casual way and it attracts a mixed crowd of families and young people.
Another thing I like about these events is that you can get an insight into new things to eat and try things you would usually never opt for.

As a real foodie I had to visit Foodtruck Trek Festival in my hometown. A day full of eating and enjoying the sunshine is enough to put a smile on my face!
This festival is a Dutch initiative and visits many cities on different dates but there are so many varieties these festivals everywhere!
The edition I have been visiting is organized in a big park with a lake, so pretty. How I love my city!

So what did I eat? I’m happy to show you! Spoiler alert: you might get hungry after seeing some of these pictures, sorry 🙂

This pulled pork bun was so yummy! It was definitely the best thing I ate that day. You could wake me up each night for this.

People eating, people smiling.

Potato curly chips. These were oven baked and we opted for a paprika seasoning.

Seriously, everybody working at this event was good looking! Especially this group of men working at the crêpe truck. I was too shy to make a picture of them though. Just look at this girl’s hair, gorgeous!

This husky clan could smell the food.

Satey with a really nice teriyaki sauce.

This is so adorable. There was amusement for young and old. There was even this silent disco area for the evening.

A different take on the regular gin tonics. This one was with rose lemonade instead of tonic. I think I will make those once at home..
20160521_164341     20160521_164650

After a day of only eating, time for a nap in the sun by the lake. Did I mention I live in the prettiest city of The Netherlands?

Do you like these foodtruck festivals as much as I do? Which one have you visited?

xoxo V