We are already halfway January and I bet you are all working really hard on those resolutions you set for yourselves. You might even want to add a personal and healthy (most of all, realistic and easy to achieve) challenge for yourself.

I decided to have an alcohol free January, for multiple reasons. It is not the first time that I challenge myself to not touch any drinks for a month. Last summer, in August, I did exactly the same.

My summer consisted of having (amongst others) many ice-cold beers with my friends. June past by, July also passed by. It wasn’t till almost the end of July that I realized my belly wasn’t as tight anymore, my face had gotten puffier, I had immense eye bags and my skin condition was really bad.
I really enjoy drinks from time to time, but it had gotten a bit out of hand. Therefore I made a very spontaneous, ambitious and challenging promise to myself and decided that I would go a month without alcohol.

You can pretty much say that my purposes for this challenge were: purification of the body, skin recovery,  overall detox and also curiosity if I would stick to my challenge.

Guess what? I made it! So, did it work?

The results: my face was less swollen and my skin condition had improved (less acne, smaller pores & not so dry). I also recovered some of the energy I had been missing. It was a boost for my whole metabolism and for me that was a success. I am also happy I achieved my personal challenge.

I had already thought of having the same break another time and to do it once in a while. After all the festivities in December, I decided there was no better timing to initiate another break.

I am halfway by now and so far so good! I already used to drink enough water so for me it’s not that difficult to replace it. Only sometimes when I’m out or having dinner it gets tempting, but luckily there’s no pressure from my inner circle.

Have you ever tried this before? If not, are you going to? It might be difficult, especially in social situations but remember.. nobody needs alcohol to have a great time. Keep your eyes on the prize! 😉

*Picture taken during a Mojito Masterclass at the House of Bacardi