It must been like 1.5 years ago when I first tried a Chai tea latte. I am a huge fan of everything that has cinnamon and other spices it. Therefore a Chai tea latte is a match made in heaven for me. I like the creamy and herbal flavour of this drink and after I also tried the iced version I was hooked.

After the great popularity of this brew, I kept on reading more and more about a new hype in the warm drinks category: Matcha Latte.
I am sensitive for any hype that is food/drinks/health related and due to my curious personality I am always up for trying everything. The flashy green colour of this drink was also one of the factors that caught my attention.

This meant that it was time to do some Matcha research!

What is Matcha?
Matcha is actually pulverized green tea. However, it is more than just green tea. Matcha has an interesting production process, which makes this tea special. A month before the harvest, the tea leaves will be placed in the shadow, which stimulates the production of the green essence of the leaves. This essence is key for the special taste of Matcha.

Why is it so healthy?
This exclusive drink contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Green tea is amongst others good for stabilizing blood pressure and cholesterol, beating signs of aging and stimulates weight loss.

After looking around online, I noticed that Matcha is quite a pricey product and this made me hesitant on buying it (What if I don’t like it?) So when one of my best friend’s mom, who is originally Chinese, was going to visit The Netherlands, asked me if there was anything I wanted from China, I knew exactly what I wanted! It just cost €1.


So after a lot of reading about this drink, I had to make it myself. I kept it simple because I don’t like to make things fussy.

Ingredients (for 1 drink)
-150 ml almond milk
-100 ml water
-1 teaspoon Matcha powder
-1 teaspoon honey

20151010_132711How to? Easy!
Put the Matcha powder in a cup (I used a thick glass so I can look at the pretty green colour) and add boiling water. After this, stir it very well but the trick is to not stir it for longer than 30 seconds, otherwise your latte will be too bitter! After this, just add hot milk and stir it again. I added as an extra touch a teaspoon of honey to eliminate the bitterness a bit and to make it sweeter.

Final judgement
At first I was surprised by the flavour, which is definitely bitter. However, the more I drank it, I got more used to it. It is still a very peculiar taste but I kind of like it. I don’t think it will become my new favourite drink but I’ll definitely make it again. I also read that it can be used for making cakes….. now that sounds like an idea to me.

Hasta luego!