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oktober 2015

Mosques everywhere!

During Summer I visited Istanbul with a friend of mine. This was our first trip together so it was quite exciting to be each other’s travel partners. We turned out to be a great team! I am the more organized and punctual of us two and she adds a relaxed vibe (Thanks for being my travel partner B.).

Why Istanbul? Continue reading “Mosques everywhere!”


The hype of the green brew: Matcha latte

It must been like 1.5 years ago when I first tried a Chai tea latte. I am a huge fan of everything that has cinnamon and other spices it. Therefore a Chai tea latte is a match made in heaven for me. I like the creamy and herbal flavour of this drink and after I also tried the iced version I was hooked. Continue reading “The hype of the green brew: Matcha latte”

Wanderlust in my life

So as October has recently made its appearance, it made me realize that 2015 is nearing to its end.
One of my biggest loves is traveling and this year has been incredible for traveling. I was lucky enough to collect new and unforgetable memories on journeys to countries, which I had not visited before. Continue reading “Wanderlust in my life”

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